by Luke Warner
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Christina Aguilera was shooting a PSA for World Hunger Relief yesterday in New York, after she was nominated to be their new global spokesperson. She’ll be involved in the advertising aspects of their upcoming push to end international hunger. The PSAs should air in the fall and more information is available at

We always like to see someone stepping out for a good cause and world hunger is a severe problem but it’s concerning to note that the media funding for this campaign has come from KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.  All I can picture now is food dumps of battery hens and genetically modified chalupas. What do you think about fast food corps funding this work? Greenwashing or genuine good nature?

  • deana – green with glamour

    Without a doubt (& unfortunately)… GREENWASHING! This completely smacks of a huge corporation (Pepsi – who owns all 3 of those fastfood yuck-houses) making a thinly veiled attempt to throw their hat into the big-biz-goes-green-to-boost-sales ring. What’s next… Britney Spears as spokeswoman for the new & improved Eco-Chevon Phillips?
    That being said any efforts made toward actually ending hunger are definitely a good thing.

  • Alyse

    For sure, this is lunacy; unhealthful, non-ecologically conscientious corporations trying to make a good name for themselves in the midst of the green trend. It’s ludicrous that the most problematic sources of food in this country want to back feeding other countries. We’re overweight and unhealthy in the USA and underdeveloped countries are malnourished and dying from starvation and disease– we need not spread our bad eating habits! The planet can more easily recover and deal with a people dying from starvation, malnutrition and disease than it can from a country whose eating habits are reflective of the quantity over quality mentality of the US!

    Ending world hunger by aiding foreign countries with food is not green at all. The “green” movement relies on sustainability. It is not sustainable to give food to nations that can’t provide it for themselves. Food means more living which means more breeding and more sustaining of future generations who still can’t feed themselves alone. Our meddling in the business of underdeveloped nations to be oh so munificent as to provide them with life (food) only ensures the need for further and more extensive outside aid due to the population growth we’re sustaining the progression of. Just giving food to simply “end world hunger” is extremely foolish and only results in more life that needs more help. It does nations no favor to not allow them to manage their population and gain their own independence and functionability over time. If developed nations really want to help, they can send people to teach peoples of underdeveloped countries how to grow their own food or educate on the most efficient hunting and gathering or plan for a reasonably sized population. We can help kick-start indigenous people’s businesses and send chances for education, specifically health and sex education. “Ending world hunger” is the dumbest, most counter-productive “philantrhopic” cause ever.