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Minnie DriverActress/singer Minnie Driver has become Dawn’s “Everyday Wildlife Champions” campaign spokesperson to help spread the message about their efforts to “save wildlife“.

Apparently, “Conservationists at the International Bird Rescue Research Center and the Marine Mammal Center love Dawn® because it helps them save wildlife by safely, gently removing oil from animals’ delicate feathers and skin. Since rescuers discovered the benefits of Dawn over 30 years ago, they’ve used thousands of donated bottles of dish soap in oil spill cleanups.”

I was actually going to post about Dawn’s new ad campaign, which I saw yesterday, showing anonymous hands washing oil-soaked otters and penguins with Dawn washing liquid. They must have found the cutest animals on the PLANET, definitely babies, since against my better nature I kinda did want to buy some specially-marked Dawn to support the International Bird Rescue Research Center and Marine Mammal Center who will be splitting the proceeds from this campaign.

Dawn is also running an “Everyday Wildlife Champion” sweepstakes, the prizes of which include $3,000 which can be used toward a trip to California where you can meet animal rescuers at the International Bird Rescue Research Center or the Marine Mammal Center and $1,000 which can be used toward an annual membership to your local zoo, a subscription to their favorite nature magazine and wildlife books and DVDs. But entering the sweepstakes requires no environmental thought, it turns out, only the input of your contact details and your response to survey questions about how important the mildness of soap is to you and how often you workout.

At the end of the day, Dawn is a Procter & Gamble product. And despite the fact that they were recently awarded the “Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award for Designing Greener Chemicals”,  we’re still not happy about animal-friendly stars plugging P&G products. In Driver’s corner, however, is her past commitment to the Marine Mammal Center as well as Oceana, Surfrider, and her work in a seal protection PSA for the Humane Society.

Does P&G really think that it can sell itself as “saving wildlife” when the world knows they test on animals?

  • herwin

    seems like classic case of greenwashing.
    FCOL, $1000 for an annual membership of the zoo..:-(

  • VeggieTart

    And let’s forget that P&G is notorious for animal testing, right?

  • Erin Raw Foods

    Yes Veggie Tart you are correct!

    p and g kills dot com (somehow i cannot post links here today)

    LUKE! You forgot one important component of the story! I’ve been working tirelessly for over twenty years from coast to coast to help bring awareness (and stop) Procter and Gamble’s senseless animal testing on products! They refuse to make even their toothpaste or shampoo cruelty free (which most major companies have even stopped doing) P&G is sadistic! There are huge groups and websites who are dedicated to put an end to it but P&G refuses to stop! They also own and make Iams foods (look up on youtube) where they cut the animals open while AWAKE (little cute dogs) to see how their “muscle building formulas” are doing (dogs that live in filthy cages and were exposed by undercover footage)

    Go and read it. This is like posting Look everyone. Hitler started a charity for the jews! They’re like Hitler. They’re that bad. They’re Dawn dishwashing to save the animals is a wash.


  • Erin Raw Foods

    Let me see if I can post it now. Couldn’t a minute ago

    Read it. You’ll NEVER use Crest, Charmin, Dawn or any of them again (I haven’t since high school)


  • David

    You mentioned that Minnie Driver should be appreciated for her support of certain groups and included the World Wildlife Fund. Like, P&G, WWF has supported horrific animal testing. For more info on the Wicked Wildlife Fund, check out

  • JukeBoxLuke

    Erin and VeggieTart, thanks for your comments! I’m not sure whether the final two paragraphs of the piece were unclear or perhaps they were missed on the jump from the front page but P&G’s hypocrisy was actually my main angle with this article. Apologies if I was unclear or my structure left more to be desired.

    David, thanks also for the info and the comment. Duly noted.

  • Adriana

    I bet if someone educated Minnie Driver she would reform. I think she’s a genuine, if misinformed, animal advocate.

    Don’t forget that a lot of people are swayed by P&G’s work with replacements for animal testing. Their investment in alternatives does not absolve them for their prolific animal testing, but it may have something to do with why animal-loving celebs represent P&G brands despite the apparent conflict of values.

  • Luke Warner

    Good point, Adriana. And we can also hope that these celebs might put their two cents in with the company too.

    For the record, I’ve added a link to and removed the WWF. All other content appears as it did originally though.

    Thanks again for the feedback, all.

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  • Erin Raw Foods

    No worries Luke. I think the first time I read it I couldn’t see the end of it either. Good post and thanks for adding the PandGkills link.

    Keep up the great stories ;)


  • Erin Raw Foods

    PS Forgot I wrote this back on the other thread linked above from several months ago. Not to quote myself lol, but always good to remember and good links.

    This (testing and cutting up pets) is not to cure cancer folks (which I don’t think is going to happen with animals anyway) but this is for your chemical laden toothpastes and makeup. Do yourself the environment and the ANIMALS a favor and go organic!!

    Here’s an awesome list of caring consumer animal test free products.

    and not unexpectedly they also tend to rate the best for low to no carcinogens while with many of P&G’s products you might as well just ask for cancer with the stuff you’re rubbing/scrubbing/brushing onto your body.

    Hope that helps.

  • krissy

    yeah i guess they ditched the name proctor and gamble because its synonymous with toxic cruelty… so much for “green” the commercials make it seem like we can take away the damage oil does with a little dish soap.

  • Whoever…

    I continue to defend that the first measure to be taken to end animal testing would be to remove all animals to a safe place and bomb the labs and facilities (if no one would be inside) where the monsters perform the tests!

    Extremist? Maybe! So it is to torture millions of animals and not many seem to care!