by Luke Warner
Categories: Film/TV, Internet.

first-2-hybrids-c_400 was created by FOX Broadcasting Company to help filmmakers and producers make smarter, greener production choices. The site provides a comprehensive set of Best Practices for Films, News, Sports, TV and Events and each type of production is broken down into its various components.  Suggested practices include selecting cruelty-free make-up, protecting local vegetation when on location and the use of biodegradable artificial snow. Browsing this extensive site it seems like a pretty decent start on greening some very complicated processes and it’s pretty cool that they’re looking for feedback.

Along with their Best Practices, they also have a list of global green vendors in a huge variety of related products and services. The bottom of each page links to “Feedback” and “Suggest a Vendor”.  It’s great to see a big studio not simply suggesting the usual suspects working in a given arena and actually making the process interactive as well as promoting small businesses and local economies.

If you work in the Industry or run a relevant business, be sure to check out the site and make your suggestions.

(For the record, trying to find an image for this piece yielded very little but pics of Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green.)

  • herwin

    i am thrilled to see they include a recommendation to use cruelty free make up. This is absolutely a big sign for P&G and other animal testing companies, that times and consumers really are changing. Next step is of course to keep informing WHO are the bad animal testers (even if they have cute adds of saving wildlife), so its easy to avoid their products.

  • s

    fox? green? i am speechless.
    (well, ok, not really, because, you know, i am typing a comment, but about as close to speechless as i ever get w/o getting larygitis–which i think i spelled wrong. lol.)