by Michael Parrish DuDell
Categories: Animals.

JerryStiller“Would you go to see a brilliant actor who’s been framed for something that he didn’t do, and put him on a stage and say he’s going to do Hamlet for you, and why don’t you enjoy it? That’s a hell of an analogy, but it’s about the same thing.”

- Jerry Stiller’s thoughts after watching The Cove — a documentary about the annual slaughter of thousands of dolphins in Taiji, Japan. During these slaughters younger dolphins are often captured and shipped off to aquariums and marine parks. Do your part and just say no to this kind of “entertainment.”


  • don miguelo

    This guy really is a class act and a hilarious comedian. It means alot from him to speak out on this. Thank you Mr. Stiller!
    The website below has some easy ways to help, jusk click on the tabs! Sign the petition linked to from there and help Hayden P out-

  • J

    Umm, ok. So would you rather have these dolphins killed in the slaughter as well, or have them lead healthy, happy lives in a marine park where they have trained staff interact with and care for them every day of the year?

  • don miguelo

    Umm, J? Loaded question.
    “Healthy, happy lives” –except for all that nastiness where we killed off all your family and friends and now make you jump thru hoops. Not exactly the circle of life anymore either, living in a pool with trained human staff.
    Nature cannot be crammed into a zoo! What about the rest of their population?
    Reading more in depth at the website, they kill many of them in these hunts –and then to remain in business, sell the survivors to international aquariums. So it’s not really an either/or question.
    Sorry if I won’t accept the “it’s pointless to struggle against the inevitability of total habitat loss for all animals” vibe, they deserve more from us than that.

  • don miguelo

    I read your question wrong a little- You’re asking if they should kill them all rather than sell some of them to aquariums where they will lead happier lives?
    Well I would prefer they stop the killing entirely, but I concede that those dolphins that survive to make it to an aquarium are better off (than dead). Logically, you’re saying if we ban dolphins acquired this way at aquariums, then the hunters wouldn’t profit so much from it, and then just start killing them all. I see that point. Would I want that? No. Is that the only possible ending? No.
    (I thought you were saying they should all be put in an aquarium) -my mistake.