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In an effort to remind you that the new 2010 Prius was created from the loins of Mother Nature herself, Toyota is rolling out an unusual, but highly effective form of brand advertising: giant killer solar-powered flowers that can charge your laptop and give you free WiFi.

According to the company, these blood-thirsty high-tech Daisys represent the Prius theme of “Harmony between Man, Nature, and Machine.” Boston is the first to witness the invasion promotion followed soon by New York, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Dear Miami: Toyota hates you.

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  • deena

    I would like six of those in my backyard please. Okay.. and one or two in the front to annoy my neighbors.

  • Phil

    Apparently Toyota hates Cleveland too. :(

  • rachael

    What about Portland, OR? Come on Toyota!

  • Marketing_Secret_Sauce

    No wonder GM could not compete with them.

  • Sarah

    Looks cute but it won’t fit any part of my home anyway. Probably would be good for the local park.

  • alejandra

    One in San Antonio or McAllen would be awesome.

  • chris marx

    that picture was taken in the prudential center courtyard where the marathon finishes. Those things are awesome!
    They don’t look like very comfortable chairs though…

  • Dustoned

    First post!

    Invasion of the killer blood-thirsty flowers that give you free WiFi! RUNNN!!!

  • Kerrin

    Hysterical….I live in Miami but hail from Boston!

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  • anitasvv

    Just saw these getting set up by Madison Square Park, for you New Yorkers!

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  • G Sunshine

    I think they are watching people…

    But I would be shocked if they don’t show up in Portland, OR.

  • Emily

    i think they should be used in college campuses.

  • Mike

    If Toyota really wanted to be earth-friendly why don’t they have solar panels or wind turbines that feed the power grid or have plugs for people to use.

  • senfeskotes

    Surely Toyota needs to put some of these flowers in Burlington, VT!

  • Phoenix

    are they temp or permanent install?

  • Eco Mama

    Are these considered xeriscape? Are they drought tolerant or do they require someone to come by and clean them with soap and “water.” GREAT MARKETING IDEA, BUT THEY ARE HIDEOUS!!! Can’t Toyota or its contractor come up with something a little more attractive? How about a big Wi-Fi cannabis flower version on the sidewalk outside the medical marijuana dispensaries?

  • Chris

    Phoenix has a very good question. I wonder how long these stay up? If they’re permanent installs, then these are pretty cool. I’d love to have one where I’m going to college this fall.

  • booya kasha

    well written article. very stylish with the blood thirsty angle.

  • JP

    Too bad the prius is one of the worst vehicles for the earth… : (

  • CaptainBaconMan

    Miami!? What about Atlanta?

  • Haley

    One article I read said they would be there for several days. It looks like they aren’t permanent. I wish they were though it’s a really neat concept.

  • Doug

    There is a guy smoking a bong with a cop watching and the lady in pink looks very concerned

  • Elaine Vigneault

    Miami? Uh, hello? Vegas could use some flowers!

  • Eric

    i wonder how much pollution went into creating these short-lived solar marketing gimmicks, not to mention how much pollution goes into making just one of their cars.

    hybrids are great and i’m definitely a fan of cleaner technology, but they make the prius out to be something that it’s not.

    great summary of their campaign of BS: “created from the loins of Mother Nature herself” =)

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  • deena

    Good catch Doug! I didn’t see that! Hysterical!

  • ejes

    it looks photoshopped

  • Alan

    Aint flowers supposed to be solar powered anyway, they would of been better off making some public gardens rather than making flowers from plastic !, but they do look pretty cool