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pink_gervais“When I was a little girl, I rescued hurt animals, always had pets, rats, mice, dogs, etc. And I helped my neighbor with her farm. I’ve always loved animals immensely. I have been known to tell people with fur on how disgusting they look. I’m pretty vocal.  I have had plenty of bad reactions, but it doesn’t stop me. At the end of the day, I will always side with the animals. Cruelty is cruelty, plain and simple.”

- Singer Pink speaking to Animals Unleashed about her cruelty-free ways. Wanna know more about what Pink thinks? You can read the whole interview at! 

  • Steph

    Is pink a vegetarian?

    • Jean

      i think she is actually vegan:)

  • Stimp

    Hates fur? I guess she Brazilian waxed.

  • herwin

    if you Google you get much results that she’s is vegetarian, and tries to be vegan. Sounds genuine to me,especially since she is very outspoken about animal rights since a long time

  • Get Technical

    Also, if you read the entire interview on Animals Unleashed, you’ll find she says to go vegetarian.

    Wouldn’t think she would say that unless she were one too.

  • birdgherl

    Now if someone could get her to stop wearing tons and tons of leather. Blech.

  • Sarah

    on her twitter page she mentions eating fish… so i think she is a pescatarian.

  • herwin

    i cant find nothing about that so please give us a link about it, until that time i consider that another unfounded rumor, possible started right here on Ecorazzi.:-)

  • Animal luver

    I really like pink, and her songs, this just makes me like her more! :)