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It probably comes as no surprise that Kid Rock has ventured into the microbrewery industry with a new beer called “American Badass Beer”. That just sounds like a name that can only come from a rockstar. What may be surprising — including to Rock himself — is that the beer he’s pushing comes from a sustainable brewery called the Michigan Brewing Co. MNN fills us in a few more details saying,

“Back in 2007, Michigan Brewing Company (MBC) switched to biodiesel to power the steam generator that produces their beers. MBC also uses some biodeisel to power their employee vehicles and recycles their waste mash by giving it to local farmers to feed their hogs.”

While it’s great to see that Rock’s beer is produced using biodiesel, we still have little respect for a guy who brags about having “every kind of animal” in his wardrobe and wanting “to go to war with PETA”. Rumor is, it’s one of the reasons Pamela Anderson broke up with the guy. The next time that happens, at least he’ll have some beer to drown his sorrows in.

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  • BanTheFurTrade

    Well, now I know which brand of beer NOT to buy, ever. He can be as “green” as he wants, but this loser is not getting a cent from me. (Unless, of course, he repents and renounces fur. I’m not holding my breath, though.)

    • Teresa

      To each his own you people crack me up our children are hunted like animals, beaten abused and murdered. Yet u all fight/ spend millions for the wild animals are r part of the food chain while our human children go unprotected. God Bless America

      • Paola BreadWater

        What a dumb ass lol

  • krissy

    Yeah biodiesel is just preventing the greenhouse gases that his wardrobe is generating.