by Luke Warner
Categories: Animals, People.

Leona Lewis has saved a rabbit from becoming a homeless man’s dinner and gave him $100 to buy other food.

While shopping in Los Angeles, the British singer spotted someone walking a white rabbit on a leash and asked what he was going to do with the critter. His reply? “Don’t know, probably eat it.” She promptly offered him the cash and is now the proud owner of Melrose, named after the street where he was rescued, and he will hopefully live a long life in her garden.

Leona is a vegetarian and an avid animal rights supporter. Last year she turned down a $2 million offer from exclusive London store Harrods to open its summer sale because the store sold fur. She is currently living in LA to record her second album.

  • Heather

    Wow! Good for her! What a sweet story.

  • herwin

    she turned down a 2 million offer ! so there are still decent people on this earth. :-)

  • Whoever…

    This only proves how compassionate and sweet ‘most’ veg*ans are.

    Unlike ‘most’ animal eaters… who have no real values and who are up for sale!!

    Does this comment of mine upset anyone?


    You can now call me extremist, intolerant and rude all you want. I couldn’t care less. What I care about is the hundreds of millions of animals sacrificed each year by humans.

    • Philip

      why do you spell vegan w/ a * ?

      • Rob

        Ugh, it’s supposed to be short hand for ‘vegetarians and vegans’ (an * works as a wildcard in computer speak). Don’t like the term myself, but’s quite widely used.

  • Steph

    Actually, “Whoever…” I agree with your comment but it’s billions of animals that are murdered every year because people think they taste good. 10 billion in the US alone. Go vegan!

  • D.

    It is about time Leona go vegan, and say it out laud.

  • erin raw foods

    Glad you guys printed this. Had seen it on only a couple of tiny sites before I sent it over. Always good to print stories like this instead of depressing news which is about all you see elsewhere ;)


  • Jay’me Golden

    I call this …action speaks louder than words…if Leona can turn down 2 million dollars than this is a person who believes in following through with her beliefs…I loudly applaud her…

  • deena

    I wish I could hug you Leona. I’ve always wished that stars would refuse to work with anyone who sold fur, and you have shown extreme moral character! Thank you! And the world changed for that one bunny!