Has the fashion world gone to the dogs? Apparently, since NSF Clothing joined forces with the Humane Society of the United States. GQ Magazine helped host the debut of fashion designer Nick Friedberg’s latest collection along with limited edition jacquard bracelets and matching dog collars. All proceeds from the sales of these do-gooding trend-setters go directly to help stop puppy mills.

What penthouse fashion event would be complete without Queer Eye For The Straight Guy’s Carson Kressly? In addition to having a fierce sense of style, Kressly has particular interest in helping canine companions: “Growing up we never had like, poodles or pure bred dogs- we always just went to the Lehi Valley animal shelter which was a Humane Society shelter in Allentown and we’d always go pick out a dog and they were always amazing…. So you know, why spend $3,000 on some inbred puppy that might have all kinds of crazy health problems when you can get a great dog for practically free and help save it’s life.”

In between star-spotting celebs like Ugly Betty’s Mark Indelicato and Josh Lucas (LOVE him in Sweet Home Alabama), I had the privilege of speaking with Stephanie Shain, Director of the Stop Puppy Mills Campaign. I asked Stephanie how to stop people from buying from pet stores and unethical breeders and she pointed out: “It’s a simple issue of supply and demand. The bottom line is buying a puppy from a pet store means you’re putting your money into an industry that supports animal cruelty and that thrives on it. It’s hard to walk away from the cute puppy in the pet store, but what happens when you do walk away, is the price keeps getting marked down, people stop buying them, and the store owners stop selling them.”

What motivated designer of the evening Nick Friedberg to team up with the HSUS in the first place? (Aside from owning a 120 lb African Rhodesian Ridgeback himself!): “I just believe in being a good human being and if I can find a raw material to use that is more eco-friendly or get involved with an organization like the Humane Society, and use whatever little influence I have to generate some financing for their campaign, I’m happy to do it. I’m really one that likes to give back.” And we’re so dog-gone glad you did!

  • Heather

    “pure bread dogs”? LOL! ;-)

  • Diane

    Great initiative!

    STOP supporting an industry that supports animal cruelty!


    Go to your local animal shelter & adopt!
    Your best friend is there waiting for you.

  • pierre

    What a nice fellow to do this. bravo, i say.

  • BanTheFurTrade

    Mmmm, bread dogs.

  • skippy

    Every dog breeder in the United States is a puppy mill according to the Humane Society of the United States. They are going to shut down show dog breeders as well. They won’t rest untill there are no more dogs and no more animals period. Look at what the HSUS did in California they told the public farmers are abusing chickens and pigs. So at a cost of millions farmers are either putting up the money to buy more land and build more barns or they are quiting. Who pays besides the farmer? The publc pays, eggs are up to $8 a dozen in California BECAUSE of what the HSUS did. Now you will be paying 5,000$ for a purebred dog. Just look at what your doing to yourselfs. By the way the above clothing company is history if they are using anything in there clothing made of animal products inc. wool.

  • AnimalDefender


    The HSUS’s primary focus is ending puppy mill operations which are cruel and unhealthy. Please get informed and check out our website.


    As to your egg comment- the HSUS worked tirelessly to save chickens from inhumane and cruel lives of confinement and suffering. A small increase in prices is a small price to pay for the improved welfare of animals.

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  • HUH?

    . . . So you know, why spend $3,000 on some inbred puppy that might have all kinds of crazy health problems when you can get a great dog for practically free and help save it’s life.”

    Who pay’s $3,000 for a dog?

    Were Oprah’s dogs from a shelter?