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donovanJeffrey Donovan, the savvy spy on USA’s hit series Burn Notice, is taking his Topanga, California home off-grid. I came across this information after hearing that Donovan was unfortunately arrested in Miami last week after almost hitting a police car and telling the officer “Sorry, I didn’t see the red light or your stopped car.” Guess his character’s spy smarts only extend to the small screen.

Anyways, the article mentioned Donovan is an eco-friendly guy — which inspired some digging. Turns out he’s incredibly passionate about the environment and lives in a modest three-bedroom pad with his family overlooking some 11,000 acres of rural country. He’s also taking the entire home off-grid with plans to make it “solarized” by the end of this year.

Then again, this arrest might make such plans difficult. Jeffrey faces up to six months in jail if convicted on this one DUI count.

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  • Shane

    Wow – I love this show plus his home is going green! That rocks!

  • Annie

    Here is a guy who works hard, gives back to the community he came from, cherishes the opportunity to get paid to do what he loves, and tries not to be dependent on Oil. I love Burn Notice, and his commitment to “the team”. No one is perfect and we all have challenges. It is how we handle them that count.

  • jeanne kister

    Of course they have to emphasize his wrong doings and not talk about how GREAT burn notice is. leave him alone.

  • jeanne kister

    by the way, why hasn’t the show been nominated for an emmy? it was the number one show on cable, so why not talked about the show? there must be politics involved in hollywood and that’s ashame!