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We’ve been dwelling on Justin Timberlake’s new eco-friendly Mirimichi Golf Course, but for good reason: the planning and implementation of the various green aspects continues to impress.

Since the grand opening over the weekend, even more has been revealed regarding the extent of the 28-year-old singer’s mission to create a site where “golf and nature exist in harmony.” For instance, only 85 of the 300 acres are ever mowed — leaving the rest to transition over to “native grasses”. Also, if you’re on the staff, prepare to love weeding — by hand. To limit the use of chemicals, a large portion of the weeds that do grow are pulled out using manual labor.

And speaking of chemicals — as Mirimichi is the first in the nation to be designated as a certified Audubon International Classic Sanctuary – its use of synthetic fertilizers is strictly limited. Surrounding each water feature is an invisible 25-foot barrier where Audubon rules ban the use of chemical fertilizers or herbicides. Where they are needed, the course uses organic or slow-release products to cut down on runoff throughout the property.

According to a Memphis paper, Mirimichi will use a mix of 80 percent native plants and 20 percent exotics. “Natives are great plants because they are used to our climate,” said head horticulturist Russell DeMotsis. “They survive when it snows in late spring and during the heat and drought in the summer.” Plans are also underway to build greenhouses to propagate the native species and provide educational opportunities for those interested in the wildlife and horticulture at Mirmichi.

Incredible, right? We’ve said it before, but congrats to Timberlake again for trailblazing a more sustainable golf course. We hope others take notice and steal a few ideas for their own links.

:: Mirimichi Golf Course Official Website

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