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While plenty of commenters have made remarks indicating as much, it’s now been made official that Heather Mills is the new owner of UK-based Redwood Wholesale Foods. The company owns such meat-free brands as “Cheatin'”, “VegiDeli”, and “Cheezly”. Besides being plant-based, all of their munchies are also free from hydrogenated fats, eggs, GMOs, cholesterol, artificial colors and preservatives.

Anyways, speculation that VBites will now become a part of the Redwoods lineup appears to be spot on. That, or Mills will just use the company’s resources to distribute the restaurant-themed snacks and dinners via her website. It also appears that she’ll work to expand Redwood’s market. An email sent to the site from company executives indicates as much:

I just wanted to bring you up to date on the latest Cheezly developments. Firstly, Redwood Foods was just purchased by Heather Mills who is a committed vegan and a very dedicated animal rights activist. The original management team is still in place at Redwood and Heather will be a great ambassador for us and veganism in general. Secondly, we expect soon to be offering a new and improved shredded version of Cheezly here in the States. Thirdly, we plan soon to lower our suggested retail price for Cheezly to $5.99 and maybe a little lower. Lastly, we hope that it won’t now be too long before we start marketing other Redwood manufactured items in the US.

So, good news! Those of you looking for even more choices for meat-free goods at the supermarket may soon see Redwood Farms out there. As for rampant UK speculation that Mills is attempting to challenge the late Linda McCartney’s meatless brand as revenge against her ex Paul McCartney, I think it’s time to hang it up. Mills is genuinely vested in her business venture and commitment to expanding vegan and vegetarian foods. Let’s just look for the good here and be happy that there are more foods out there pushing the movement forward.

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  • Lisa

    Redwood has been out there, Linda Mac foods are out there. Personally, I wouldn’t get too excited over the fact that Heather Mills has involved herself in this. For me, the fact that she is vegan for maybe a handful of years doesn’t change the fact she is not a trustworthy person. Personally I believe Redwood sold out. I won’t be buying these product.

  • Maria

    5.99 for a bag of cheese in this economy. Ethical or not, people are having trouble getting food on the table, real cheese is on sale for .99 a bag. There is your competition. I just don’t see the big deal with this Heather Mills joining up. From what I’ve seen of her on tv, she’s a nasty person. Not someone you would want fronting this movement. Just my opinion.

  • Joy

    Sorry, I just can’t get jazzed by this news. Give me any McCartney, they smile, they are happy, loving, they are spokepeople for an ethical movement. She’s a sourpuss.

  • quarrygirl

    thanks for the link!

    as a huge paul mccartney fan, i can understand why the commenters before me may not like heather. but i think everyone needs to get over it.

    she is helping spread vegan food around the world. let’s all leave her personal life out of it….?

  • Whoever…

    I don’t really know her or her work and I’ve never seen her on TV or anything like that.

    Actually almost no one in my country even knows who she is…

    But I’m perfectly fine with anything that genuinely and ethically promotes and spreads veg*anism.

    I couldn’t care less if she’s nice or not. As long as she helps ‘spread’ the veg*an lifestyle, that’s what should truly matter, right!?


  • mary

    Don’t delude yourself about Heather Mills. Her inner ugliness continues to come out. The latest is her comments about people who’ve said negative things about her in the press deservedly getting cancer and/or dying. She’s trying to deny it now now but here’s her direct quote from a recent interview she gave to British paper:

    She also returns, repeatedly, to her grievances with the press. She says that something akin to karma is meting out justice on her behalf. “The truth always outs in the end … no one gets away with those things. Certain journalists have written horrible things, and then they’ve got cancer, or they’ve had a tumour, or they’ve died. And it’s terrible for them, but they’ve done really evil things. I truly believe things come back round.”

    Here’s the link for the whole article if you want to read it.

    Note that this is not a tabloid. This is a paper she chose to give an interview to. She also claimed in the same interview that she has obtained a degree in nutrition. When the paper contacted the school to confirm this, turned out it wasn’t true. She has completed one course. Heather’s response was to say she’s working on the degree. I remember her telling someone, it might have been Larry King, that she was working on her PhD in nutrition. I thought that was highly unlikely since she never finished high school.

    She has serious problems and I would avoid anything she is involved with.

  • http://USA Marie

    She is a liar and couldn’t tell the truth if she had to. Read the divorce ruling written by a well respected British judge. She is all talk and this is the only venue that will get her attention as all legitimate charities have broken ties with her. Read the stories from the people who knew her and you will know she is a fraud.
    She is only vegan since meeting her ex. She wants to be famous. If she thought eating steaks would do it she would eat steaks. She treats people badly and has for years.
    She claims to donate 85% to charity yet there is no record of it at all. He donates – she just said she did. In fact until she met McCartney she has no record of filing tax returns. She also promised to donate 85% of her money from the divorce to charity and she said she won’t do it now. Why? Because she is a liar.
    The first step to being a good person is to treat people well. She fails there miserably.
    Anyone who thinks she is doing this for the sake of animals is kidding themselves. It is for attention and yes she is trying to compete with the McCartney’s. Everything is a fight with her.
    Also note that her big ‘wins’ against the media are a joke. She has so far complained about minor stories about McCartney’s little girl singing on his record and being a character in a Shrek movie. This is so she can say the press printed lies. The really bad stories that say she is a fraud and a liar and a hooker – she never ever sued about them. Probably because they are true.

  • Barbara

    Anyone who claims that people who writes things about her that she does not like gets cancer is someone who is about as far away from being a good person as it gets. She claims people are writing lies, yet there is much evidence to prove otherwise. Her past is full of deceit and lies. She did not need to treat her ex husband so badly. She claimed he was not giving her any money during the separation. Turns out he gave her millions.
    I recommend to anyone who thinks she is a good person to read the divorce decision that was released to the public. She claimed she did not want it released due to security issues. She actually did nto want it released because the judge found out that she is a fraud and liar.

  • Barbara

    I couldn’t care less if she’s nice or not. As long as she helps ’spread’ the veg*an lifestyle, that’s what should truly matter, right!?

    I have to disagree. Is being a cheat, fraud, and liar ok as long as you are vegan? Is it ok to hurt other people to get what you want? Taht is her history. It is not ok in my world.

  • sheryl

    She can start by ridding some of those foods of palm oil.

  • Phoenix225

    Interesting her comment re. cancer as karma as, according to her, once upon a time she, herself, had cancer of the uterus… She must have forgotten about that whopper… Also re. karma, what does she believe, then, is having lost her leg all about? Somewhere in here is “Pot” on the phone calling for “Kettle”…

    Linda McCartney foods are genuinely very tasty… As a friend recently stated, Heather’s versions of her meatless meats look very much like planks of balsa wood… My friend is right! LOL

    Because no one else will have her, this is Heather’s only angle left by which to garner publicity… She is putting all of her millions into one basket (direction) here… Particularly in this current world economy, this is not a real intelligent thing to do… At the prices these healthier lines of foods are going for, there is not a chance this will be a success for her… Simply put, most people can’t afford it…

  • Morgan

    I just hope Heather Mills stays in the background, she really isn’t someone I want representing something this important. I want a product that is ethical in respect to people as well as animals.

    people spoke about the price. Make it a home, it’s always better.

  • Becky

    I’m disappointed that Redwood went this route. I guess everything has a price. I will not purchase it anymore, I’m sure many will.

  • Ellie

    Linda launched her food company because of s genuine compassion. As for Heather…well, she had not even heard of animal rights before she met McCartney. personally, i think she is only doing this because adopt a Minefield don`t want her. She`s a loon and gives people an excuse to say or vegans are nutters.Frankly, I find it hard to believe she is a vegan, and I think she will stop when she thinks she can get more publicity from something else.

  • Inga Ambrosia

    I think anyone that points the finger at Heather Mills for this and that, should really take a good look at themselves.

    This is not a popularity contest. I’m sure there are many vegan activists that you might not want to be friends with. Pamela Anderson has a sex tape. Joaquin Phoenix is insane. Prince is strange. Woody Harrelson is an alleged pothead.

    My point is, are you perfect? If someone dug into your background, would they want to take your vegan card away because you are not always a 100% nice person.

    She’s doing a good thing. Who cares what her motives are. I support any human being that is in support of animals. Who they truly are personally, and that they’ve said in the media about how they deal with personal attacks 24/7 is not really my concern. I don’t want to get that deep into someone’s business, so she’s fine with me.

    Paul McCartney is not perfect either. No one is …

  • paul

    I personally think that Redwoods will be better off now it has HM behind it as in the UK the main vegetarian chilled and frozen range is supplied by Quorn (owned by Premier foods which also owns Cauldron Foods) which is filled with (free range) eggs and milk. They have a virtual monopoly on the chilled and frozen market. The Linda McCartney range sadly is filled with milk and (free range) eggs with very few of the products being vegan, they are also really high in fat and salt. It has also been in a decline over the last 10 years with at least 4 re-designs during that time period (never a great sign for a business) It is also currently being produced by Hain Celestial Group (after it was brought back from Heinz after they *supposedly* looked to drop the brand due to poor sales) and gets only a pass mark by the independent Ethical Consumer. It’s a real shame that the Linda McCartney brand doesn’t live up to the ethical or environmental standards that companies such as Redwoods (and other smaller vegan companies). It will be interesting to see the outcome of the purchase as HM has shown that she is committed to making vegan food more accessible and affordable (the v-bites café has shown that).

  • Ellie

    Who cares what her motives are? If we care about animals, we all should.
    I agree the Linda McCartney range could be better. It needs updating -it`s stuck in the early 90`s. They need to move on from food for truck-drivers.

  • Whoever…

    “I have to disagree. Is being a cheat, fraud, and liar ok as long as you are vegan? Is it ok to hurt other people to get what you want? Taht is her history. It is not ok in my world.”

    Hey! What I meant by ‘being nice’ was that I don’t care if she’s a cordial parson or not! That’s what I meant and not something else, like the above.

    Please do not ‘put’ words where I didn’t write them, okay!? I hate it when people do that.

    As I mentioned on my comment, I don’t know her or her work. Actually, the first time I ever heard of her was here on Ecorazzi.

    Again, I’m not interested in what she says about people or journalists… On the other, I would be if by promoting veg*anism she would hurt someone. That would be a different story.

    By the way, many people in the meat industry are s.o.b.’s and hurt lots of people, but I don’t see anyone attack them personally!! Why is that? So, why should it be different with ms. Heather Mills? Just because she’s a public figure?

    And fyi I’m not a fan of hers at all. Also, I’m not defending her. I just want to understand the reason behind all this rage against her. Did she kill anyone? Is she responsible for the death of millions of animals?

    Well, what truly upsets me is, for instance, fashion designers who use fur in their collections, slaughterhouses, factory farms, poachers, oil companies, auto companies… and so on.

    Now, regarding ms. Mills, has she really done such terrible things, other than being a ‘bitch’ as so many people apparently think she is?

  • Whoever…

    On the other HAND, I would be if by promoting veg*anism she would hurt someone.

    sorry :)

  • erin raw foods

    Sorry but after she poured that water over the woman’s head and all the terrible things she’s said/done I cannot support her.

    I know Inga wrote up above that

    Pamela Anderson has a sex tape. Joaquin Phoenix is insane. Prince is strange. Woody Harrelson is an alleged pothead.”

    That is like comparing apples and oranges (organic ones of course ;) Pam Anderson had sex in a video with her husband, prince is strange, woody allegedly smokes pot… but these people aren’t out there truly hurting someone and pouring water over attorney’s heads where the judge wrote up that he was basically disgusted by the woman.

    These other people are just guilty of being strange, nutty smoking pot or odd.

    Heather mills is down right malicious and has said some truly evil stuff. Her food isn’t even that healthy. Is it even organic?

    Who cares if it’s vegan. So are twinkies.

    Even if she came out with a locally made organic sustainable line I don’t know if I could support it.

    You say not to let her personal life get in the way, but I think that’s how we a society are!

    Would we buy Orange juice from OJ!? Most would not. Oj simpson would be free to sell orange juice “Organic OJ” I can see it now, but we as consumers have the freedom NOT to buy from people who are nasty vile liars with questionable motives.


  • Inga Ambrosia

    I understand. My point is, until you’ve done as much good as she has, you probably need to save your judgment. People change every day. She poured water on someone’s head … wow … let’s lock her up. ;-)

  • mary

    Here’s a comment about Heather Mills from another website:

    “I posted the statement below on the other Heather mills thread. And i am posting it again. why?
    because every time she stands up and claims i am not a liar i will be right behind her to say YES YOU ARE

    Been one of her so called victims. what she did to me and my family was sick i am not in the public eye but she made dame sure she made a lot of money out of telling lies about my childhood i sued her AND I WON and any time she wants to meet face to face i am More than willing. how anyone can defend a fantasist and liar like her just beggars believe.

    Heather mills claims on her web site that tabloids admit the stories are not true. Has any one been to read the apologies? i have and they are all apologies about things to do with her daughter and building a swimming pool. To hear heather mills say it she would like every one to believe that ALL the stories about her porn past and the prostitute storys and the long list which i have are not true. well i am sorry to say yes the stories are true.”

    During her divorce Heather lied repeatedly and publicly about her ex-husband and everything else, as the public judgement shows.

    Since her divorce last year she has been sued by her former PR person for nonpayment and by a former nanny for unfair employment practices. Since these both disappeared without a peep, it strongly suggests that Heather paid up because she was going to lose.

    And yes, by her own public admission, she poured a pitcher of water over her ex-husband’s attorney’s head when the divorce judgement went against her. She should have been arrested for contempt of court but apparently they were so sick of her they just wanted her gone.

    She herself admitted that the press gave her a break when she was pregnant but that did stop her from talking on television about how evil Stella McCartney was when Stella was 7 or 8 months pregnant.

    And the lying just goes on and on. In that recent interview quoted above she was again claiming how she had made her first million by 19 and given it all to charity. The judge publicly called this a fantasy.

    Is this the sort of person you want representing a cause you care about? Everyone is free to do and think whatever they want, but it sounds like some people know nothing about her past and her character. I want nothing to do with anything she’s associated with.

  • herwin

    so basically she is a bitch according to most people her. well, darn, these are the same people that constantly are bashing and name-calling other people here on this blog that are not “good” veggies in their eyes. Fall of the veggie wagon and you will be spit in your face on this blog.
    Heather Mills is a great vegan and working very hard, she def is one of my vegan heroes. she is not nice and a liar ? boohoo.

  • erin raw foods

    With all due respect Inga ;)

    I wouldn’t want to lock her up. I just won’t buy her products. Heck, MAYBE just MAYBE if she were to really keep up with good deeds then I would.. but I read posts like Mary (You go girl!) and I realize there are a lot of people she’s wronged (The judge did state publicly (ON THE RECORD) that she lied about her donations. Most of what she claimed she donated she did NOT. (that’s scary)

    Also other people can be strange (funny I just saw this quote on my friend’s facebook page tonight)

    Paul McCartney: I used to think anyone doing anything weird was weird. Now I know that it is the people that call others weird that are weird.

    Ironic it’s from Sir Paul himself eh?

    But bottom line is Prince and others can be weird and make sex tapes but honestly I’ve seen very few celebs (definitely a few but not that many) with so much anger and evil in them.

    As someone pointed out above she poured water over an attorney’s head in a court of law.

    her actions speak louder than words.

    It’ll take more than a few donations of PAUL’s money that she stole …er I mean WON before I think she’s turned over a new leaf.

    I bet you a million bucks there will be more negative dramas and sagas she creates in the future……..

    If she truly changes then that’s great (but somehow I doubt it :(


  • Becky

    ethical should be in all forms of your life, not just how you treat animals. If she is not trustworthy in her dealings with people, how well will this business run.

  • krissy

    I just really hope that theyre not made in China or Taiwan.

  • Inga Ambrosia

    Oh make no mistake Erin, I love Prince more than anything. His weirdness is what attracts me, because I am indeed the “weird” one among my family and friends. I walk my own path. I’m just saying other celebs are accepted much easier without as much disclosure.

    If she is a liar, did porn, is impulsive then she must be trying to turn over a new leaf. I think everyone deserves a chance.

    Most people are probably envious of how she got rich. Noted. Angelina Jolie has a questionable past, we’ve all looked past that and accept her good deeds now.

    Madonna has a questionable past, we embrace her good deeds. And countless others. It’s called the crab principle I think. Some people think Heather Mills is an average person that got lucky. We like to bring people down when they get out of the bottle, as they say. It makes us feel better because we weren’t able to get out yet.

    It’s a Cinderella Story and we have to make sure we aren’t acting like the ugly stepsisters because we become very transparent to those that can see.

  • mary

    Turning over a new leaf? You mean since that interview she gave on the 19th of this month? The one with the lies and ugly sentiments?

  • joanna

    we aren’t talking about a questionable past. who cares about what anyone did when they were younger including Heather. We are talking about present day Heather. She employeed people and then they are forced to sue for payment. She lies about her education, like having recently received a degree in nutrition, when she only took one class. She said that people who wrote lies about her (only they weren’t lies, they were the truth) ended up with cancer or died. It was Karma, funny coming from a woman with a horrific injury. We are talking about her present day actions. She bought v-bites, fired the old staff. Times are hard, I hope she gave them first shot at the restaurant. The managerial staff of Redwood better start looking for a job, because with her tract record, they will either be fired or not paid.