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animal planet

Only losers hurt animals and Animal Planet knows it! 

That’s why the cable channel is planning to launch a quarterly series of investigative documentaries, starting with a special on dogfighting in January. 

The inspiration for the new show came after the special “Animal Witness: The Michael Vick Case” received extremely high ratings. Animal Planet’s Marjorie Kaplan said: 

“We thought the Michael Vick special would do well, but we were blown away by how well it did out of the gate. We looked at those, as well as the success of something like ‘Whale Wars,’ and were moved the the passion our audience has for these kind of things. Rather than do them on an adhoc basis, we decided to curate a series of specials.”

The topics being covered are vast and include issues like: animal testing, the exotic pet trade, gang dogs, cloning and slaughterhouses. 

Here at the Razz we think any network working hard to promote animal welfare is pretty darn sexy. What do you think? Is this the kind of show you’ll watch? Chime in and let us know if you’ll be tuning in!


  • Jennifer

    I think Animal Planet and the Discovery Network Channels are really the only Channels worth watching. They are using TV to promote positive agendas instead of bullcrap “reality tv”

  • EMR

    “Dirty Jobs” on Discover is, in a way, an expose of animal handling jobs in the USA. It has made me think a lot about the sources of meat, wool, and so on. It also told me what outfits are reasonably responsible about their animal handling. (Alas, the two best I can think of are the fiber farms for yak and alpacas.)

    The crab fishing show, “Deadliest Catch”, is an eyeful, too. It is not as bad as trawl netting, but there is a lot of waste in the industry. One episode showed a 20% death rate among the crab, which just wound up getting ditched over the side of the bow. However, the POV of the show is how brave the guys are doing this dangerous thing. They really need to address that loss rate, as well as what those pots do when they get loose in a storm and rake the ocean floor.

  • Erin

    I think shows like this are great because they educate people who may not be aware that a lot of animal suffering goes into the cosmetics that they wear or the meat on their plate. However, I’m very aware of these atrocities already and I probably won’t tune in because programs like that just leave me depressed and angry. They reinforce what I already know, which is that some people are utterly without compassion for animals.

  • Stephanie

    I don’t like your use of the word “animal welfare” support animal rights not “animal welfare”. Animal welfare organizations believe that it’s okay to kill animals, that it’s our right to use them, focus mostly on “pet” animals, do not encourage veganism, and are notorious for working along with industries that hurt animals like fast food restaurants. They say, oh Burger King is a great company because they know use 10% of their eggs from chickens kept in slightly larger cages or whatever. When I hear the term “animal welfare”, I think of organizations like the ASPCA that care oh so much about puppies and kittens but do nothing for other animals. Issues like slaughterhouses and animal testing are animal rights issues, not animal welfare issues. Organizations like Mercy for Animals and Compassion over Killing, actually help animals.

  • alice in LALA LAND

    I guess if AP actually showed GOOD dog and cat breeders their “ratings” would go down.. and those OH SO IMPORTANT ratings are what drives these shows.. “if it bleeds it leads” works not only in newspapers.. but on TV as well.. I would not watch AP if my life or the life of my dog depened on it.. TRASH…

  • Georgiegirl

    Animal Planet has become the outlet for animal rights craziness. Whale Wars is disgusting. It is encouraging people to do illegal things. Your animal cops shows suggest everyone with animals is in need of arrest. Now you want to become the national enquirer. Why can’t you feature shows showing people taking good care of animals, training them well, bonding with them? How about helping people understand how people who do things right do it instead of suggesting everyone with animals is bad?No! You have to go AR. \When you started with Whale Wars I really stopped watching you up much. I like watching the dog shows and It’s Me or the Dog. That’s about it.

  • Lauren

    Loser, is right! I hope he never gets signed again… That is a privilege that only a select few receive, and he does not deserve any honor! What he did was horrendous, but some media are describing society’s forgiveness as a good thing. here is a comparison of what some different voices had to say:

  • Animal Lover

    NO WAY would I watch this. I know they fake the abuse as it is. This will only encourage these nuts to do it more! Go ahead – believe them – and you WILL be a vegan with only an electronic pet! SAD!!!!

  • Valene Tomas

    I will not be watching this. That’s not entertainment. It encourages the sickos.

  • KC

    Air shows that exalt the good com[panionship between animals and humans as promoted by people that really care about animal’s welfare. The shows you report about to air are based on the animial rights undustry very manipulating skewed idea of animal/human relationships. It is skewed because they play on emotions and not facts and take worse cases as the norm. Their main agenda is to make the whole world vegans and to eliminate ALL domestic animals including companion which include guide dogs etc. That is what you should report to the public, that these people are duping the public into thinking they are helping the needy animals. That is another show you can air, how the money is spent that is donated to thse national animal rights organizations. Start with the 35 million donated to HSUS to help Rita pets.

  • Grandma Sue

    Oh good grief – I am so tired of reading & seeing about how ‘mean’ people are hurting & killing our poor animals. Would you stop to pet a large rabid dog running down the street? And try to get him some psychiatric treatment? No, you aren’t that stupid. There are many people who believe in Veganism. There are many more people that believe in consuming meat, fowl, pork, fish, etc. Answer this, why should the small minority force the majority to believe their way? I eat what I choose & I manage my animals the way I choose – why should anyone tell me what I should or should not do as long as my treatment of animals in my care are well cared for?
    I used to enjoy Animal Planet but it’s getting to be too animal rightest for me. I will support animal welfare until my dying day but don’t touch my animals or my food!!!

  • http://investigatingcruelty Jay’me Golden

    I think Animal Planet needs to watch what shows they have on their channel…theres an elephant sanctuary (supposedly) who keep their elephants in small areas daily, chained at night, and when the females are having their babies, they interfer with the naturel process, by keeping the mother chained to keep her away from the baby…I would say that elephants are better mothers than some people I know. It doesnt look like a sactuary to me at all and is a poor representation of what one should be…

  • CaptBarbosa

    sady, AP had potential to be a great network. years ago it started out decent. Showing the true relationships between animals and people. Now, they go for tabloid journalism and sensational, biased and barely true stories.
    You would get more truth and good tv out of watching As the World Turns than anything on AP

    sadly, many folsk do not realize that AP is now owned by animal extremist who dont want people to have or use animals in any way shape or form and that includes as simple pets!

  • Dr. Rosset

    Just how are you going to show this abuse now that congress is considering it an offense to show images of animals being abused. Frankly I only watch animal planet for the dog shows, the Dog Training shows and the shows that demonstrate how people care for their animals. I no longer watch the animal cops shows as they are boring and make me think the whole world is evil. I certainly don’t watch a show that makes illegal activities entertainment. I don’t let me children watch such shows either as they give them the wrong ideas about the world.
    Why don’t you have a show on farming or 4H and how to raise animals rather than all these shows that show how low people can get when they are no longer able to take care of their animals. This channel is getting so sickening that I can no longer recommend it to my teachers or my students. What happened to your ethics is it all about ratings?

  • maggie b

    No I won’t be watching. I’d rather watch shows about main stream real people. Animal rights driven drivel has no interest to me. FYI all news doesn’t have to be bad news.

  • randomly watching cable tv

    Why is it that on Animal Cops, they often say “unfortunately” the person involved could not be found responsible therefore they couldn’t be charged with a crime. If the person wasn’t guilty of a crime, then why is it unfortunate that they couldn’t be charged?