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Jesse James Smokes Tesla, General Motors, Sees A Future For Hydrogen Engines

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james_hydrogenJesse James has addressed his environmental side in a new interview — and he’s bringing some smack talk to companies pushing electric cars. The famous husband of actress Sandra Bullock recently topped almost 200mph in a self-built hydrogen vehicle earlier this summer — exceeding a previous speed set by BMW.

Despite signs that hydrogen fuel is falling out of favor with automakers (and the U.S. government) — James is confident there will be a place for it down the road. He even believes a vehicle that creates hydrogen from water alone (using electrolysis) can be built within the next year. Here are some highlights:

On becoming a bad-ass poster boy for the environmental movement:

“Like I want to be the pied piper of all tree-huggers,” James laughs. “I don’t want a bunch of people with … Birkenstocks to show up to the shop now from Oregon. We’re not going to make West Coast Choppers God’s eyes and sand candles and shopping bags for Whole Foods. I wanted to prove I can make a car go 200 on water.”

What he thinks about electric vehicles:

Electric, James says, is “for dorks.” “All the people involved with that technology are Dungeons and Dragons freaks. I’m just not that into it.” “It’s too easy.”

The Tesla, he says, is “lame. Who wants to ride around in a not-as-nice Lotus Elise?”

As for the Chevy Volt, James defers to General Motors’ own product chief, Bob Lutz. “He said the only chicks you’re gonna get with this car don’t shave their legs. To be that non-passionate about your product, it’s blatantly obvious why GM’s in the [toilet]. If you’re passionate about what you do, it’s gonna be contagious.”

On building a car that runs on water:

“Someone’s gonna invent a car that you can dump water right in. It will have a battery storage system like a hybrid and that will be used with electrolysis to convert water to hydrogen right on-site and you’ll be able to run it with water and it’ll be fully self-contained, self-sufficient,” said James, who gives such technology a one-year timeline.

What do you think about James’ comments? Personally, I think he’s approaching everything from the view of a gear-head and less “big-picture”. There’s obviously a massive role for electric technology to play in the future of transportation — and I wouldn’t count hydrogen out just yet either. A car that runs on water in only a year? Probably won’t happen — but if so, let’s hope the oil companies don’t send someone to take him/her “out”.

To read the full interview — and find out the other ways James is going green outside the shop, jump here.

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