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Want to know how far gone FOX News is? They’ve got Glenn Beck going hysterical over saving endangered animals — and making a point that it’s not worth it unless they’re carrying guns and protecting America. This goes on for about a minute until Glenn reaches his meltdown conclusion that there must be powerful turtle and otter lobby.

It’s obvious that Beck is off his meds again and is confusing the #1 movie in America at the moment, G-FORCE, with reality. If you haven’t seen it, that flick features a whole bunch of heavily armed animals working for the FBI and saving America from sneaky plots. Someone should tip the FOX News host off that it’s all just make-believe. Just like the network’s reporting. Check out the clip below:

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  • BanTheFurTrade

    How does this loon still have a show? He makes SO many ridiculous statements. Does anyone really take him seriously?

  • s

    i’m sorry, i couldn’t make it through the whole clip. faux news hurts my brain (gee, maybe i have a protein deficiency and need to eat more wolf meet, *sarah palin wink*). otters are SO CUTE and turtles are cool-yes, i know, even the kind without ammunition. *eyeroll* i don’t see what’s so bad about saving otters in other countries-which, didn’t he imply that by “outside the u.s.” he meant california??? you know, one of our largest STATES…
    maybe glenn beck is actually like the colbert report or the daily show and he doesn’t mean any of it…nobody can seriously be as stupid as he is in this clip, right?????
    oooooooooh my headddddd!!!

  • Sharleen

    Yes people like him and he is a good guy lets not trash people for what they believe in. Humanitarian for animals is ok and everyone has a point of view and is entitled to it. Lots of folks like Glenn he has a kind heart. Try to find the good in people not always trashing others. To much of that in America today. Live and let live. Peace.

  • jamie lynn

    “Just like the network’s reporting.”

    zing! right on. :)

  • erin raw foods

    I hope this fat f*ck eats one too many cheesburgers.

    Funny he’s furious about this tiny bit of money but the BILLIONS spent on a war that doesn’t help us (or anyone really) he’s ok with.

    What a fat loser big government Republican hypocrite.


  • Rachelle

    Sharleen…If only Glenn Beck would take your advice…But then his ratings would tank and he’d be booted off the airwaves. LOL!

  • Nikki

    Wow, that individual clearly needs a LOT of help. He obviously has no clue about ecosystems and how humans are connected to them etc. He is a speciesist if I’ve ever seen one! Just another reason not to watch Fox “News”!

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  • Juan Rosado

    This only proves that any moron can have his own TV show…

  • Stephanie

    The term “Batsh*t Crazy” gets thrown around a lot these days… You know, with rants like this and his recent statement that Obama has “over and over again” exposed himself as “a guy who has a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture” I’d say he’s steadily edging towards becoming a liability for the folks at FOX. Tick Tock, Mr. Beck. Tick Tock.

  • VeggieTart

    What a douchebag. He’s getting upset about this? Why isn’t he ranting and raving over the 4,500+ soldiers who have been killed in Iraq and the countless civilians–oh, wait, the Iraqi civilians probably don’t count in his world. Or the millions of deaths from tuberculosis in the developing world.

    If there were a god, he’d have popped an aneurysm during one of his rants.

  • catfuzzies

    That was terrifying and gave me a headache. I don’t understand it at all…that is true ignorance.