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the cove

The dolphin documentary The Cove is being launched in Los Angeles and New York City this weekend — and we want to know: You going?

Obviously, there are many that live nowhere near these cities, but you’ll be happy to know that the showings are expanding all around the U.S. starting August 7th. For a full list of theaters running the film, click here.

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  • pierre

    i am eager to see this, both for the reported film quality, and for the exposure this will bring to the issue.

  • Muni


    I feel like these movies deserve world wide distribution but in places like Egypt, where I live, we never, yes never, get such things. I mean why is it such a big deal to censor a movie like HOME on youtube for everyone to see in a specific GEOGRAPHIC ZONE!

    I’m pledging my case to the producers! Let’s see how that will go.

    Enjoy it everyone, I’m bitter that I can’t!

  • deena

    I love Dolphins so much that seeing this might spin me into a crying for weeks and depression. There’s no way I could watch it. I can’t even watch animals get killed on cable, by other animals. Much less humans killing one of the most precious creatures on the planet. Dolphins! I will search for a place to donate more than the ticket price of seeing this film in it’s name, in their honor.

  • don miguelo

    Going, bringing anyone I can wrangle to it, and getting them to sign the petition too:

    SIGN IT!!!

  • Ça?lar Keskin

    My most-love animal, also mammal Dolphins : ) I will definitely go to the cinema when it arrived from Hollywood. No matter which film is, if it tells about dolphins, i can not miss it.

  • Nikki

    I’m thrilled that Ric O’Barry and the others have done this. I’ve been reading about what he has done for this cause for some time now. Hopefully this film will touch and inform many people and bring the atrocious acts to an end.

  • Jennifer Semro

    I have been a dolphin advocate and educator since 1990. It is always extremely hard to watch the atrocities these animals endure but necessary for the change to happen. I am meeting a friend and we will cry together.