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barr_nazi“Vegans are all coke-sniffing, cigarette-smoking faux socialists who listen to music that has no melody at all, so fu*# them.”

-Roseanne Barr discussing her distaste for vegans with Heeb Magazine. Didn’t your mother ever teach you that if you don’t have anything nice to say you shouldn’t say anything at all? Now if you’ll excuse me I have half a cigarette and a line of blow to finish before I start on this Victor Chernov biography.

Thanks to Chloe Jo at for the tip! | Photo credit: Heeb Magazine

  • sam b

    At least she’s still really relevant and people care what she has to say!

  • dutchess


  • Mo

    Eh, she never has anything interesting, insightful or intelligent to say. I think she’s just one of those trainwrecks that people like to watch just for the WTF factor.

  • Jennifer

    really? now that’s just lame. wtf is she even doing these days anyway?

  • Stephanie

    Yeah I don’t smoke or use drugs and I’m a vegan. At least I’m not a total fatty meat eater like her.

  • Shane


  • erin raw foods

    She’s such a glowing example of what meat eaters (with distastes for vegans)look like.

    That pic is hilarious by the way.


  • Whoever…

    Fat pig… Oh, sorry, I must apologise to all the ‘real’ pigs out there, because they’re so much better and evolved than this ‘person’. :)

    And then we’re the extremists ones!?

    This only proves, ONCE AGAIN, that animal eaters are not the tolerant, open minded people they always claim to be!!

    What she said is just the same as some other ignorant person saying that “blond women are dumb” or that “black people are inferior”! It’s absolutely the same thing – negatively labelling an entire group of people because they have similar physical characteristics or similar tastes and habits.

    What if veg*ans would start saying that all animals eaters are potential violent criminals!? Yes, because according to a study carried out by the FBI (‘YOUR’ FBI roseanne!), the most violent criminals started their ‘career’ of violence by abusing and torturing animals!
    So, tell me what would happen if a celebrity veg*an made such a statement regarding animal eaters?
    I’m sure (s)he would be crucified by the media and the public opinion.

    Humans… what a pathetic species!!!

    Oh, and I do wish she will suffer a heart attack due to all the meat she stuffs into that ugly, deformed body of hers! :) It would certainly serve her right!!

    I’m extremely pissed!!!

    P.S. If I read any comment defending this ‘woman’ I will definitely lose my composure this time!

  • hil

    Seriously, chill out! Your attacking people before they even show up now? And while eating meat and torturing animals might be the same thing to you…the FBI study focused on people that did cruel things to animals directly. Such as little boys that might tie firecrackers to a kitten or the like…man talk about a logical fallacy!

  • Pink

    Who? Oh, the rude obese woman on that show from the early 90’s who’s done nothing since. Gotcha.

  • don miguelo

    Straight-edge my whole life, vegetarian for 1/2 and vegan for a 3rd. Don’t believe in Socialism. I like me some good musics, too.

    Hopefully she was just trying to be funny by exaggeration and it wasn’t working well. It kind of sounds like she knew one that was like that and has stereotyped them all into that description in her mind. Oh well.

  • Christy

    Yes, yes, the raunchy and rude comedian from the 90s gave her ridiculous criticism of vegans. True it’s a terrible baseless criticism, but I’m surprised by the *shock and horror* that someone would dare to critise being a vegan. There are frequent posts complaining about meat eaters (and in particular ex-vegans). It’s a two way street if you want to live on ‘Don’t Say Mean Things About Others’ Lane.

  • Elaine Vigneault

    It’s kind of funny, given how absurd it is and given the context.

    I bet she’ll do a vegan cleanse soon. Haha :D

  • deena

    She’s outspoken on 911 being an inside job. That I like about her.

  • Louis

    I love her.

  • herwin

    yeah,Cristy, + 1 ! obvious Roseanna just tries to be funny in her own pathetic humorous way, kinda funny, and i hardly can see this as a nasty attack. On the other hand, many vegans get very personal and very nasty about meateaters and ex-veggies. (“i wish she will suffer a heart attack”)
    If they have such an anger, it would be better to use it in a good way and for instance join ( i fully support Shac myself)
    insulting “meateaters” maybe is “cool” when yur a 16 year old metalhead but makes veganism look very unattractive and childish for non-veggies.

  • Wendy Zajac

    I don’t agree with what she said, but your comment about “didn’t you learn that if you don’t have something nice/good to say, don’t say anything” is out of line here. That is what you do on this site about people who don’t agree with you, all the time!! Ecco – look at what you write before you print it. If you took that same advice, you’d have no site.

  • Inga Ambrosia

    Chill, she is a comedian and it is funny because it’s absurd. She has always had self-hatred issues and desperately needed attention. She insults everyone. 50% of the time, I agree with her so … I’m not hurt by this. It’s not that deep.

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  • kylo

    WOW! She must really hate Sara Gilbert (who played Darlene on Roseanne). Ms. Gilbert, who played her on-camera daughter adopted a vegan lifestyle last year.

    I always knew that she supports state-sponsored animal cruelty and now it’s confirmed. Not very Kabbalah-like of her!!

  • Veganman

    I’ve always loved Roseanne for her groundbreaking, acerbic comedy. Unfortunately, I find her comments neither interesting nor relevant.
    I guess it’s all the coke. LOL!!!

  • Whoever…

    “On the other hand, many vegans get very personal and very nasty about meateaters and ex-veggies. (”i wish she will suffer a heart attack”)”

    “man talk about a logical fallacy!”

    Oh herwin and hil, give me a break! I won’t chill out!! Didn’t you understand anything I wrote? I meant that if someone absurdly insulted animal eaters or made extreme comparisons (thus my examples!!), the reaction would be extremely bad. And your comments, as well as several others, prove me right!!!

    Really herwin, I’m so tired of you defending people who attack veg*ans! I’m even beginning to doubt you’re even a veg*an yourself.

    This is not comedy – if you find amusing when someone tells you “f*** you”, that’s your problem. I don’t!! Rudeness is not comedy. It’s frustrated and ignorant people pretending to be funny. Obviously, only not very intelligent people find this kind of ‘comedy’ amusing and entertaining.

    “insulting “meateaters” maybe is “cool” when yur a 16 year old metalhead but makes veganism look very unattractive and childish for non-veggies.”

    Oh, and what she said doesn’t?

    “I’m surprised by the *shock and horror* that someone would dare to critise being a vegan.”

    I’m not shocked because she is criticising vegans (we get that here all the time!) or because I think we’re above criticism. I’m pissed (and many spineless people just don’t see the problem with this kind of stuff) because real vega*ism isn’t just a way of life – it’s more than that. It’s saving the lives of animals from being tested on, killed in horrible ways to feed fat asses like this woman, from being raised in farm factories, from being skinned alive for their fur, from being poached for their tusks, and so on. Get it!?

    Maybe the so called veg*ans should do some volunteer work at an animal shelter, like I do (and no, I’m not saying I’m better or anything!). Maybe you wouldn’t find statements like hers so amusing any more.

    Maybe if you saw a dog that had survived in agony for days after he had been beaten and stabbed and had deep wounds with numerous larvea inside, maybe you wouldn’t want to chill out!!! Obviously that animal didn’t make it. When he was brought to the shelter, he was in such awful conditions that he ended up dying without any possibility of being saved.

    And no, this is not an isolated case. And yes, this happens all over the world!!

    Now tell me, how can I chill?

    That’s all I’m saying…

  • jim

    “The macadamia nut is of higher evolutionary purpose than all of the Jewish people put together joined with all other human life on this planet.”
    “Kraft Foods invented pot. You have to realize that it’s a spiritual hunger, not a material hunger, that you are feeling,”

    Obviously she’s either nuts or this magazine “HEEB” (a Jewish publication with the title being a derogatory term for Jewish people) is all SATIRE!!!
    Maybe you should read the whole article before you flip out. And Why s no one pissed off that she’s dressed as Hitler, eating burnt people shaped cookies? Chill the F*&# out!

  • lauren

    well i thought she was vegan last time i checked?…which was like 10 months ago…

  • Nikki

    I have to agree completely with “whoever” and “jim”. “whoever” makes very valid points. If you read her first comment regarding whether this situation was switched she is completely right. If a vegan star said something to this ilk about meat eaters there would be outrage.

    “jim” is correct in reading the entire article and taking it for what it is. If there are comments like the ones listed, obviously Roseanne was being exaggeratory on purpose…who knows how she really feels about vegans (or Jewish people, or macadamia nuts, Kraft etc). Plus she probably gained at least SOME respect for veggies since her daughter on the show was veg for most of the show! Plus “jim” is right, why are the obviously extreme-on-purpose comments focused on when the photo itself is extreme? come on!

  • herwin

    “Really herwin, I’m so tired of you defending people who attack veg*ans! I’m even beginning to doubt you’re even a veg*an yourself.”
    if you doubt that i am a vegan you are more stupid then your posts suggests, because you easily can click to my vegan website that i run since 2006.
    you are the classical arrogant vegan with a George Bush mentally “if you are not with us, you are the enemy”. You don’t know about others people volunteerwork,yet you brag about yours and insult others by saying they should also do volunteerwork.
    Roseanna is just a yesterday’s comedian with her own bad-ass style of humor. don’t like her at all, she also seems to be a hunter, but to say she is “attacking vegans” is absurd. NOBODY will take her dumb joke seriously except some veggies with a watermelon in there ass. Call me Silly Billy but to be personal and insult persons (meateaters, ex veggies and other vegans like myself) just isnt the way to spread veganism.
    Please keep your misplaced anger for a heavy metal concert.

  • herwin


  • Whoever…

    “On the other hand, many vegans get very personal and very nasty about meateaters and ex-veggies”

    “If they have such an anger, it would be better to use it in a good way […]
    insulting “meateaters” maybe is “cool” when yur a 16 year old metalhead”

    After reading your rude comment herwin (btw, I have better things to do than to click on the link of every person’s nick/name that posts comments here), it’s funny to go back and read what you wrote about people insulting others…

    What a paradox!!!

    How intelligent, tolerant, evolved and civilised of you!!!

    Please, from now on DO NOT address me ever again! I will do the same thing and we’ll be just fine okay?

  • Chris

    What’s with the “us and them” mentality? If any vegan (and yes, I am one) is so unsure of themselves that what Roseanne Barr says affects their lives, perhaps it’s time to get their priorities in order. From the time we are children, vegans and non vegans alike are taunted and ridiculed by others for a variety of reasons. This country is beautiful because we have a right called freedom of speech (unless you’re a straight, white male, but that’s a different issue). So when anyone says anything about your race, religion, ethnicity, job choice, sexuality, or (horrors!) way of eating, how we respond shows the kind of human beings we are. Sticks and stones and all that is BS….words do hurt, when they come from those we care for. How many of us are just desperate for the approval of (gasp…..sorry, I just can’t stop laughing)…..Roseanne Barr? To feed into these “shock comments” is just to encourage more. Anyone can spew inane verbage, you should hear my neighbor. We need to get a thicker skin, know in our hearts that everyone does a line once in awhile, vegan or not (KIDDING!), and be secure and happy enough with who we are, that when we, oh, I don’t know, stand on the scale or go for a checkup, the inner satisfaction of a life well lived drowns out all the BS thrown at us by those who dislike us for the reason du jour. Living well is the best “revenge.” Now I’m off to ponder the beauty of my HDL cholesterol levels over a vegan canadian bacon on a bagel sandwich. Namaste!

  • Stephanie

    *slowly raises one eyebrow* Well, far be it from me to argue with someone who was last socially relevant sometime around ‘94. Besides all of my special vegan music with no melody isn’t going to listen to itself…

  • herwin

    yeah right Whoever, if ya dont have the time to check if a fellow vegan is really “vegan” (in my case its just a click away for you to “check”), please also refrain from making nasty accusations about that person, okay ?

  • Angela

    Funny how Sara Gilbert (Darlene from Roseanne) is VEGAN!!!

  • DAVE

    we all have opinions whether we like or dislike them. i just don’t care for RB’s.

  • BEAN

    If you kill it, it will kill you! Have a Happy Heart Attack!! As you are clutching your heart as you go down think about the comment you made and what you should have been practicing! Love Karma!

  • roxanne

    Tom Arnold dump her sorry ass.

  • RoseanneFinatic



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  • Danna

    *Sniffs Coke, while listening to music with no melody* Whhaaat? Man, I didn’t understand her because I’m a Vegan. Cuz’ according to the almighty Rosanne, doing good for the environment and my body is just sh!t to her.
    Who the hell does this piece of b!tch thinks she is? Yah, like she is any f^ckin superior to the rest of us.
    She must have grown to hate her ex co-star Sara Gilbert, then. She is a proud Vegan.
    Go Sarah!, Boo Roseanne!