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After complaining for so long that Top Chef totally alienates the vegans, it looks like they’re finally paying attention to me. 

Next week on Top Chef Masters the contestants have to prepare a special lunch for actress Zooey Deschanel and some of her closest friends.

Now in case you haven’t figured it out from my intro, Zooey is vegan (which we effing LOVE) and is obviously requesting a plant-based meal. Oh yeah — she also happens to be gluten intolerant and soy-free.

For many veggie chefs out there this meal would be a piece of vegan cake, but for traditional chefs…well they might struggle a bit.

Being super talented and bringing veganism to the spotlight? I mean I couldn’t have a bigger celebrity crush on this chick if I tried.

Check out the video below to get a preview of next week’s episode and prepare yourself for a delicious vegan feast! 

  • Livin Veg

    I hate reality tv, but I am totally watching this one episode!

  • Heather

    Hooray!!!! That’s awesome news! I love Top Chef :-)

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  • Tracie

    Actually, she’s not fully vegan (or even vegetarian for that matter) :(

    From the July/August issue of RELEVANT:

    While her sister Emily is an outspoken vegan, that level of commitment to an animal-free lifestyle hasn’t come as easily to Zooey.

    “I’ve dabbled in being vegan. I’ve tried to be as much in that direction as possible, not a full vegan, but I believe it is better for the environment,” Deschanel says.”And it’s a great thing to do, but I can’t all the time. I don’t do any dairy or eggs, but sometimes I eat fish.”

  • Elaine Vigneault

    Oh noes! These poooooooor chefs, they’re going to have to cook… wait for it… VEGETABLES! Eeek! What a challenge?!? That’s soooooo hard.


  • Suasoria

    Ha ha – that’s frigging awesome. Let’s see how creative these celebrity chefs really are when they don’t have dead animals to fall back on.

  • Linda

    HUH? In the video, she says shes vegetarian but this article says she’s vegan. What is she really?!

  • erin raw foods

    too bad they don’t know about raw foods ;) they should have come to one of my classes ;)


  • Becka

    Finally a gluten-free challenge! I’ve been waiting to *this* one too…

  • Nikki

    Can’t wait to watch it! It seriously IS about freakin’ time!

  • wini

    dammit, i’m canadian and the video is not available for me to view. =( anybody know where i might be able to see it?

  • shawnamarie

    i’ve been vegan ever since i was allowed to choose what i ate (despite the best efforts of family and friends – lol)…though it is difficult to find good food in a restaurant (at least here in podunkville), gluten intolerance is not only darn near impossible, it is a life threatening autoimmune disorder affecting 1 in 133 people…most people who are gluten intolerant (the disorder is called celiac disease) eat meat because there are limited options…i cannot make that concession…the fact that top chef is combining two very important dietary restrictions makes me hope celiacs who are vegan can finally find something other than a salad to eat when we choose to dine out…thanks for sharing this video

  • Naim

    Hahaha that episode looks like its going to be freaking awesome! Thats basically me when it comes to eating. Im vegan and gluten intolerant although i do eat soy. Theres not that many vegans or people with gluten intolerance. Some people dont eat soy because they say its bad for you but it really isnt. I love her now! Im so going to watch it. I cant wait.

  • Louise

    Hi Wini,

    I do know where you can view the show. If you go to amazon’s web site, they have something called “video on demand.” It does cost a little bit ($1.99) but you can order any episode of top chef or top chef masters. I have a lot of them… but I am more excited than ever to see the vegan challenge!

  • Gabrielle

    I cannot wait! It’s about time “Top Chef” addressed veg cooking.

  • meliko

    Zooey is the cutest little soy bug. Ha! She is so awkward as an actress, which is what makes her so likeable. I like her in “Yes Man”; she’s a groovy musician and I can’t believe I saw her at Crunch gym. Fully vegan or not, she’s promoting her film in a positive way.

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  • Jen

    Is it too much to ask if someone can upload it on YT for us outside the US?100% vegan,gluten free,soy free meal?That’s definitely something I need to see!!Please?

  • Marla

    This was an interesting episode. I wrote about it today for my blog. It was fascinating seeing a supposed Top Chef crumble with the restrictions Zooey had. I understand that it would be daunting for many, but I would think that a world class chef could roll with the punches better than Art. Rick Bayless rose to the occasion best, I thought, and Zooey was very gracious to everyone. It was really nice to see veganism addressed on a mainstream show, though I wish that it weren’t presented as such a daunting task! I am vegan with the same allergies as Ms. Deschanel and I think I still manage to eat a wonderfully diverse and delicious diet…

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