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It’s been made official: Living With Ed is coming back for a third season.

Planet Green let loose the news last night — announcing 13 original half-hour episodes starting October 21st on the network. “Rachelle and I are elated to be doing 13 new episodes of Living With Ed on Planet Green, because, frankly, we’re sick of seeing the same damn re-runs ourselves,” said Begley. “It’ll be fun, informative, and if enough of you tune in, we can finally afford a couple of good lawyers to end this sham of a marriage. How can you say no to the only Hollywood couple with a pre-nup that involves carbon credits?”

The show, which originally carried two seasons on HGTV, was ported over to Planet Green in 2008 to help round out green content for the fledgling network. “Words can’t adequately describe Ed and Rachelle’s definition of a modern family unit – there’s no better time to bring Planet Green viewers a new season where they can experience the Begley’s off-kilter dynamic for themselves,” said PG Prez Laura Michalchyshyn.


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  • Pete

    fantastic! :D love the show.

  • Imperial

    While I enjoy sine of the informative aspects of the show (some info is incorrect)I am less than thrilled with the annoying hostile bantering between Ed and Rachelle. She is more likeable than he, but both need to work on their people skills along with their on-air personna’s. Before psuedo-scientist Ed spouts a variety of seemingly important facts, he needs to verify them with people who are actually in-the-know. However, he is an actor and we all know that they will say anything for money. (e.g. “I’m not a Doctor but I play one on TV”)

  • http://livingwithed joni grzenda

    Love the show. Am glad Rachelle has her oown show on the web too!