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“If more people saw what happens on fur farms then more will stop buying the fur and we will put them out of business.”

“Join me and vow to NEVER buy fur…not even fur gloves or fur on your collars. Fur equals pain and suffering. Period.”

-Reality television star Brooke Hogan blogging on about the super brutal fur industry. We commend Brooke on her outspokenness and send a special thank you to Russell Simmons for helping educate Hogan about the cruel stuff. Visit to read all of Brooke’s words.

  • Rose Monzas

    Anyone who wears real fur should be forced to spend the summer on one of those farms Brooke Hogan describes… of course anyone who doesn’t wear fur should spend the summer with Brooke. :) Nice job Brooke!

  • deena

    Thanks Brooke! And Russell Simmons, but I wonder.. wasn’t his ex-Kimora in fur all the time!? I wonder if she ever converted to no fur.

  • Adri

    No, in fact Kimora’s Baby Phat company was one of the ones HSUS went after for selling mislabeled dog fur.