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Just a few days ago we told you that The Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper was all up on Twitter talking about dairy-free cheese. We were suspicious. 

Now our friends at just sent word that Bob has officially gone VEG!!! WOOO!!! 

The announcement was made in the September issue of Vegetarian Times, where Bob also announced that his cholesterol has dropped 100 points after making the switch to plant-based foods.  

What caused him to drop the cruel stuff? 2 words: Skinny Bitch. Hells yeah! 

One of our all-time favorite books helped one of our all-time favorite reality television stars make the connection. Does it get any better than that. I ask you, does it? 

So please join me in giving Bob a big round of applause. Welcome to the team, sir!

  • Stephanie

    Yay! Everyone should go vegan!

  • Tracie

    That’s awesome!

    I love the Biggest Loser, but it always annoyed me how much they tout the benefits of dairy but very rarely talk about how good dairy alternatives can be for you. When I saw them do one of their “trainer’s tip’s”, last season, and they talked about the benefits of soy, I almost fell off the couch!

  • Heather

    Yay!!! I love this show! Maybe now they will start promoting healthy veg alternatives.

  • Elaine Vigneault

    100 points! How high was his cholesterol before? And he was a trainer then… giving health advice… to millions of people? Scary.

    Anyway, clearly it’s great he went veg. And it’s great he’s encouraging others to substitute veg options for non-veg ones.

  • Adri

    Well done, Bob!!! Looking good!

  • Johnson Rogers

    I wish Bob and Jillian were still involved with the Australian series of The Biggest Loser, as Michelle and Shannan (the trainers on the Australian series who were introduced part of the way in the second Australian series to take over for Bob and Jillian) are horrible, as they attempt to plug the eating of wildlife (eg, Kangaroos).

  • A.


  • Marisa

    Biggest Loser is the ONLY reality show that I can’t wait to watch every time it airs, but I always cringed at the incessant plugs for chicken, dairy, etc. I wonder if Bob has any power over which products and foods they promote. Wouldn’t it be great if the show got guts for once and didn’t have to cowtow to corporate sponsors and the lowest common denominator? Can keep hoping…

  • steph

    yay for him and i agree it would be great if he can actually bring the message into the biggest loser.

  • no

    One hundred points? How damned high was it to begin with?! I’m in my thirties, obese, eat terribly (mostly whatever I can open out of a can or microwave because I work sixteen hours a day in my home office and usually forget to eat until I’m feeling sick) and if *I* reduced my cholesterol by 100 points, it would be down to like 40 points.. which I’m pretty sure would be incredibly unhealthy.

  • Bunnyv

    wow that’s awesome! I will have to start rooting for him from now on! lol I wonder if his tips will chg on the show.

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  • Tom

    Good for Bob. I love the show simply because the set is a fitness fanatic’s ultimate fantasy. I’m seriously doubting Bob will be able to deliver any kind of veg message on the show. Wouldn’t that be a major advantage for his team if he could push the diet, though?
    I’m just watching an episode right now on the tube – how many calories does crying burn? In order to audition for this show, do you have to prove you can cry on demand? (yes, I know losing up to half your physical body must be a very emotional process)

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  • hypothyroidism

    I’m happy to say that this show has helped me lose 20 pounds last year. It really is deeply motivational. If only I could afford Jillian to be my trainer! She’s amazing.