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The Los Angeles Times is reporting that there’s been talk in Jay Leno’s writers’ room about a potential ‘green-car challenge’ segment.

The article says that, “One idea for a recurring comedy bit includes a ‘green-car challenge,’ in which celebrities would race electric or hybrid cars. Tom Cruise has already asked whether he could do some practice runs before competing, Leno said. (The host told him practice runs are forbidden.)”

Sounds like the segment’s not actually slated yet but might make the cut if they’re talking about it with press. A known autohound, Leno himself has a GM EcoJet in his fleet and it would be cool to see some test drives of other upcoming vehicles.  I’m sure he could get his Motor Press Guild card-carrying hands on a few.

  • Alyse

    Hybrid cars batteries only last for 5-10 years and they still emit fossil fuel emissions. My diesel Volkswagen rabbit gets as good of gas mileage as they do. Electric cars that plug into our electricity grid will not be green until our electricity comes from renewable, clean sources. Currently the majority of our electricity in the US is generated by coal.

    Man-powered vehicles of transportation such as bicycles, vehicles run off of sustainably-grown biodiesels, hydrogen-fuel cell vehicles and cars run from generated solar and wind energies are the ways to ecological harmony, not electric cars or hybrids.

  • Saul M. Detofsky TV Producer

    Hey Mr. Leno,
    Please give me a call. I have an electric car that will beat any production care you own. Lets get it on. Call me at (321) 751-6963.
    Best regards, Saul M. Detofsky

  • Rick

    Alyse let me see you grown corn in your back yard to power your Rabbit for on year or evedn one day and where do you think they get Hydrogen from?
    my elelctric car is fueled from my solar panels mounted on the roof of the house and has power my commute for 250,000 miles over the last 15 years. I only go to the gas station to buy coffee.
    know your facts before you spew.

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  • James Stansbury, MD

    Great idea.
    Sounds like a you have an opportunity to put at least two of your forte’s to work : media and automobiles.
    Since there are plenty of green ideas out there, we welcome
    displaying some of our technologies to the world. You can both provide some entertainment as well as display developing technology on your stage.


  • Glen Burgess

    Mr Leno,
    I own a restored 1976 factory original electric postal jeep DJ-5E. It a hoot to drive and so ugly its cute. It was featured at the Toronto Green Living Show, Canadian Automotive Institute Car Show as well as featured on local television and print media.