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Picture 1Do you have a charity that helps animals in need? Wanna win a cool $50,000? Then keep on reading! 

Rachael Ray recently launched Mutt Madness — an initiative to help raise money for organizations that practices no-kill animal wellness. According to Ray’s site:

 “If you’ve got a [charity] organization that practices no-kill animal wellness, then enter to win up to $50,000! How does it work? Our panel will choose 64 qualified organizations to participate in a fun, brackets-style program where the public votes for the winners. After 6 rounds of cash rewards, the grand prize winner will receive $50,000! All in all, we are giving away over $200K to organizations that have shown a serious committment to helping animals in need.”

Wow! That’s a lot of dough! 

To find out more, or to enter your own organization, visit!


  • David

    Darn, I wanted to see farm animal sanctuaries enter this but I see that it says you have to primarily provide care for dogs and cats.

  • Melissa Kay

    This is an pet-charitable Rachel Ray program, I hope I get the chance to vote!

  • Paris

    Why do we love animals called pets and eat animals called dinner Rachel?

  • VeggieTart

    My question exactly, Paris.

  • herwin

    me too david.
    nice, a fun show with an audience picking the winner. There will be a whole lotta rolling over crowd pleasing stuff that day.