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segwick_soccer“I was extremely disheartened when I learned from my friends at PETA that Ringling Bros. received your support to bring its circus to Coney Island. Ringling’s lengthy history of animal abuse and neglect and its pending federal trial alleging that the circus’s routine abuse of elephants with bullhooks and chains violates the Endangered Species Act are reasons enough for New York City to distance itself from the circus. Can I please have your assurance that this will be the last time that Ringling is invited to perform in Coney Island?”

- Actress Kyra Sedgwick expressing her thoughts about the circus in a letter to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. To learn why Ringling Bros. is the opposite of entertainment, visit!

  • Kelsey

    What a great letter! I hope Ringling is shut down soon and that all of the animals get to live the rest of their lives in peace at sanctuaries.

  • sonia

    They’re coming to Austin on the 19th…I’m so ready to protest!

  • Shelly

    How lovely! I didn’t realize Kyra was a supporter. I can’t wait until Ringling is shut down for good… It will be such a victory for animals.