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Val Kilmer's Global Warming Thriller Worse Than "The Happening"?

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When it comes to poorly received environmentally-themed movies, few rank higher than M. Night Shyamalan’s The Happening. Weak acting (Mark Wahlberg), a weak plot (attacking plants), and hilarious death scenes (lawn mower) all add up to an abysmal Tomatometer of 18%.

That was SO 2008.

Want to know how bad Val Kilmer’s latest flick, The Chaos Experiment, did? After being released in only two theaters, it went straight to DVD. The only reason people may not rank it higher than The Happening is because so few have seen it. The basic plot-line is this: Kilmer plays a scientist that’s gone a bit nutty and wants the world to hear his theory on the destructive power of global warming. The only way he knows people will read it is if it’s the main headline in a major newspaper. To do this, (and giving life to metaphors on global warrming), he rigs a steam room to trap six, conveniently sexy people, and slowly raise in temperature. The longer his crazy theory and headline stay out of the newspaper, the longer the people cook and ultimately die. And now for some review snippets:

“If movie had odor this thing would be a garbage truck on a hot summer day. Don’t waste your lunch money, or any money for that matter. I’m giving the tripe a zero, only for lack of a negative number.” — Reviewer over on Rotten Tomatoes

“What we have here is a movie that combines the politics of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth with the torture porn tendencies of the Saw series (specifically cribbing plot points from Saw 2).  In short, The Chaos Experiment stinks.  It boggles the mind that this idea ever made it past the screenplay stage.”Richard LaFashia Jr., Examiner.com

“Don’t waste your time or your money. I LOVE Val Kilmer and I almost cried at how bad this movie was. The ending, especially, is so stupid.”Reviewer on Amazon.com

Have you seen The Chaos Experiment? Are you now intrigued to find out how bad it may actually be? Let us know!

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