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If the war of words already happening in comments on blogs across the web wasn’t indicative of rising tensions in the .ECO domain race, this public declaration makes it quite clear.

This afternoon, Dot Eco LLC — the company supported by Al Gore, Sierra Club’s Carl Pope, and other environmental orgs — released a document directly challenging their competition, Big Room, and explaining why their business model is ineffective and their leadership weak. “We wrote this paper to because we needed to set the record straight,” the document says. “Although we may ruffle some feathers, the stakes are too high for drawing- room niceties, particularly when Big Room has dropped all pretense of fair play.”

Dot Eco LLC goes on to lay out some pretty blunt information — including a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at how ICANN will choose between the two groups — and what they suspect is a conflict of interest with one of Big Room’s co-founders. “We are concerned that Big Room may have benefited from inside knowledge of ICANN,” one section states. “We know further that Jacob Malthouse was an employee of ICANN until September of 2007, and that he has been working on his .ECO since 2007.”

For the first time, it’s also revealed that Dot Eco LLC expects to register some one million .ECO domains by year 2 and some 4 million by year 5. The strong endorsement of Al Gore and the Sierra Club, among others, is the expected drive behind these numbers. “This is ambitious, but potentially doable,” they add. “On the same basis Big Room would register 250k and 1 million.” Even if Big Room does achieve the same number of registrations, Dot Eco, LLC expects their higher operating costs will result in less money for environmental organizations.

Obviously, tensions are high here — and we encourage you to examine Dot Eco LLC’s newly released doc to come to your own conclusions. We have no doubt that Big Room will be firing right back and will update as more insight into these two companies — and their goal to secure .ECO — becomes available.

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  • Matt

    I don’t care which group ICANN chooses. WE DON’T NEED ANYMORE TLDs! Just say no to .eco!

    Instead of creating more TLDs lets just weed out the spammers from the ones we have. Raise the prices and put an end to domain tasting.

  • herwin

    i dont get it. ECO domains are for environmental groups, right ? “most” groups (99,99%) allready have a domainname, now especially the bigger ones will be forced to also buy the ECO domain, for fear of domainhijackers. So all this money that mr Gore takes from eco groups using .eco will be given to…eco groups?

    Matt +1, nobody needs more domain names.

  • Rachel L

    @Matt you deserve to have a domain that has 7 words strung together and is more than 32 characters long as reward for your ignorance.

  • JL

    Matt -1. I’d have to side with Rachel on this one. :)

  • RemyC

    Matt+2 This is just going to turn out to be a sham and a rip-off. Every group already secure with their .com or .org is going to feel pressure to secure their .eco. And who is going to pocket the change… Al Gore? Don’t buy into the hype. Dot Eco will just remain a side show attraction.

  • Send Free SMS

    Just an idea, seeing as .eco definitely 100% in no way possibly to do with making money and all about ecological sustainability. yeah right. Why doesn’t someone register or or the half a dozen other extensions that are still available. Big Room is Vancouver based, I’m sure they would be interested in purchasing it, why doesn’t someone register it and approach them, you stand to make a profit.

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