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Not Evil, Just Completely Insane

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We’ve found a rather disturbing treasure in the wide world of ANTI-environmentalist “documentaries”.  I do not revel in posting negative content and I especially don’t like giving any airtime to things which I think are, um, insane, but the trailer for the film Not Evil, Just Wrong can’t be ignored.

The volume of things wrong with both the premise and the clip are too many to cover in this post, but Al Gore (whose image they seem to be using to sell the film), Ed Begley and a variety of enviros and scientists are made to look like human-hating (esp. Africans!), tax hiking scaremongers who also hate America and, I think, God.  The talking heads who preach against “global warming hysteria” aren’t even named in the trailer and it’s unclear whether they are scientists, sociologists or just the producers’ opinionated neighbors. The clips of the scaremongers seem wildly out of context. Begley says only: “Yeah, you can look it up on the Internet.” Whaaa?

Ann McElhinney summed up her approach best in an interview with OneNewsNow.com: “Environmentalists…have this notion that the world would be better without humanity, and this is clearly not true — and it’s a very anti-Christian message… I mean, the Bible is really clear on this that humanity was to subdue all this amazing stuff we have around us and use it for our betterment.”

Gosh, coal and petroleum and uranium ARE amazing! Childhood asthma and melting polar ice caps TOTALLY = betterment!

According to the bios of the two producers: “Attendees at the 2009 Conservative Political Action Conference voted them the third-best speakers, behind only Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh.” Funny, I thought I was ticking the box to vote them off the island.

For all of their explicit patriotism I find it endlessly fascinating that they’ve chosen to focus on the impact of environmentalism on Africa instead of the impact of fossil fuels and global warming on minority communities in America. Ever been to the devastating coalbed methane sites in the Powder River Basin, the Native Alaskan village of Kivalina that is falling into the ocean due to rising tides or, um, New Orleans?

Looks like Hollywood won’t touch this film with a barge pole. The producers have been forced to get, as they call it, “creative” with the distribution, i.e. they’re selling it online and hoping for simultaneous home screenings nationally. Yeah, I don’t call that creative, I call it straight-to-video.

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