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We’ve found a rather disturbing treasure in the wide world of ANTI-environmentalist “documentaries”.  I do not revel in posting negative content and I especially don’t like giving any airtime to things which I think are, um, insane, but the trailer for the film Not Evil, Just Wrong can’t be ignored.

The volume of things wrong with both the premise and the clip are too many to cover in this post, but Al Gore (whose image they seem to be using to sell the film), Ed Begley and a variety of enviros and scientists are made to look like human-hating (esp. Africans!), tax hiking scaremongers who also hate America and, I think, God.  The talking heads who preach against “global warming hysteria” aren’t even named in the trailer and it’s unclear whether they are scientists, sociologists or just the producers’ opinionated neighbors. The clips of the scaremongers seem wildly out of context. Begley says only: “Yeah, you can look it up on the Internet.” Whaaa?

Ann McElhinney summed up her approach best in an interview with “Environmentalists…have this notion that the world would be better without humanity, and this is clearly not true — and it’s a very anti-Christian message… I mean, the Bible is really clear on this that humanity was to subdue all this amazing stuff we have around us and use it for our betterment.”

Gosh, coal and petroleum and uranium ARE amazing! Childhood asthma and melting polar ice caps TOTALLY = betterment!

According to the bios of the two producers: “Attendees at the 2009 Conservative Political Action Conference voted them the third-best speakers, behind only Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh.” Funny, I thought I was ticking the box to vote them off the island.

For all of their explicit patriotism I find it endlessly fascinating that they’ve chosen to focus on the impact of environmentalism on Africa instead of the impact of fossil fuels and global warming on minority communities in America. Ever been to the devastating coalbed methane sites in the Powder River Basin, the Native Alaskan village of Kivalina that is falling into the ocean due to rising tides or, um, New Orleans?

Looks like Hollywood won’t touch this film with a barge pole. The producers have been forced to get, as they call it, “creative” with the distribution, i.e. they’re selling it online and hoping for simultaneous home screenings nationally. Yeah, I don’t call that creative, I call it straight-to-video.

  • herwin

    i heard a rumor that this anti-eco doc is produced by the makers of the Simpsons..

  • sheryl

    Losing 7 million jobs would cause the collapse of civilization? Well then, we’ve only got to lose 2 million more as we’ve already lost 5 million in this recession.

  • Megan Dietz

    i haven’t seen this film, so take my comments with a grain of salt.

    but i am an environmentalist myself, and i agree that a LOT of enviromentalist rhetoric is anti-modern, and anti-human.

    i’m not saying that modernity/industrialization are perfect. but they have brought unprecendented wealth, health, and education to millions of people. many environmentalists seem not to acknowledge this.

    don’t get me wrong — i’m not saying that industrialization is all good. but it is not all bad either. both sides need to be a little more subtle in our discussion.

    our task is not tear down industrialized society, but to transform and redeem it. the wealth, health, and education we have needs to be spread around the world in a new way that supports the biosphere.

  • Stephanie

    That is the most horrifying trailer I have ever seen. If all the environmentalists and liberals died off today and only conservative anti-environmentalists were left, the world would be over in less than a century. They don’t seem to realize the importance of a clean, healthy planet and what it means to all people.

  • Rachelle

    “Ann McElhinney summed up her approach best in an interview with “Environmentalists…have this notion that the world would be better without humanity, and this is clearly not true – and it’s a very anti-Christian message…I mean, the Bible is really clear on this that humanity was to subdue all this amazing stuff we have around us and use it for our betterment.”…”
    I don’t know about insane, but that’s just plain fekn STUPID….The Bible “is clear” on a lot of thing: support of slavery, misogyny, murder of children, cruelty to animals, etc. ad nauseum. The Bible is the book most bought and the book least read. I suppose SOME of these anti-enviros also think the earth is flat and 6000 years old. That “Fred Flintstone” is an accurate depiction of how early man existed alongside dinosaurs. I realize they don’t appreciate science or evidence that might contradict their “belief” systems, but since we live in reality…that’s what we have right now. To keep denying that climate change/global warming is chiefly brought on by mankind (our habits/lifestyle) is to deny FACTS. No one is saying rid the world of humans (who would volunteer?)…but how about humans taking some accountability to make the world a cleaner, safer place to live? Is clean air and fresh water asking for too much?

  • Kylo

    These people are so dumb.

    One man says: “I don’t think it would be a bad thing for the Earth to warm up. Ice is the enemy of life.”

    Really? Tell that to the millions of people who rely on glacier streams for their water supply. Ice feeds life.

    I can’t even believe that people feel this way. Exploit, exploit, exploit..that’s all they ever want to do.

    Well it’s just too bad for them because America is starting to favor environmentalism. Maybe this movie is a good thing in a way. It’s shows us that living green is becoming so mainstream that people are trying to counter it. Yay for us. This movie will only make the masses more passionate about the environment because they will be able to see right through all the right-wing BS.

  • s

    @Rachelle: that’s not what christianity is about, and i’m very sorry that the christians you have met are such hypocrites. most of us do realize that the earth is way more than 6000 yrs old (it’s called science, people) and that slavery, animals cruelty, misogymy, etc. is barabric and wrong. i would be very interested to learn where you heard of child murder…?
    basically, i’m a christian but i think that God put us here to take care of the earth and the animals, which means being as eco-friendly and eating/using few or no animals products.
    peace&love, people.

  • erin raw foods

    Religion aside, this is the most stupid trailer I have ever seen. I also like the folks they interview in the film (no not the idiot who says it would be great if the world heated up but the factory workers.

    IF they get rid of the bad planet destroying factories those folks with their tats and trucker hats can have new jobs. They might not realize that. They might never have traveled out of the town they live in, but it’s really true.

    There will be new business where they will work. Creating eco friendly ways to power the world. New products etc.

    And I agree Sheryl the line about if 7 mil people lose their jobs then this will cause the collapse of civilization?

    THAT was funny sh*t.

    These people need to go get an education and come back and make a real movie.


  • Luke Warner

    I’m sure you’re all familiar with Green For All but here’s a cool video that’s a great antidote to the economic and humanitarian slurs made in this trailer.

  • Not Evil Just Wrong

    Megan thanks for the vote of support. As for everyone else you’re more than welcome to come debate us at the Right Online Conference in Pittsburgh or at NetRoots Nation. We’d love to have you.

  • erin raw foods

    I appreciate that the NEJW film person didn’t attack anyone and offered us a chance to debate them at the conference. Here are a few of the speakers that will be there. RedState, FoxsNews, WS Journal, Joe the Plumber… Excuse me but I think I’m going to be sick..

    Taken from:

    General Session:
    Keynote Speakers Include:
    Michelle Malkin, Conservative Columnist & Best-Selling Author
    Grover Norquist, Americans for Tax Reform
    Steve Moore, The Wall Street Journal
    Joe the Plumber, Taxpayer Activist
    John Fund, The Wall Street Journal
    Glen Meakem, Entrepreneur and Radio Host
    Jim Pinkerton, Fox News Contributor
    Erick Erickson,
    Ed Morrissey,
    Phil Kerpen, AFP Foundation & Fox Forum
    Steve Lonegan, AFP Foundation

  • erin raw foods

    ps almost forgot Michele Malkin (Wait where’s Ann Coultier and Sean Hannity and Glen Beck? Gag ………….

  • Babette Hogan

    This doc is an example of how some “Christians” give Christ a bad name. Christ would be appalled that people interpreted the caring for the Garden of Eden as a permission slip to “subdue all this amazing stuff we have around us and use it for our betterment.”

    This “betterment” ideology has justified much of capitalism’s objectionable practices – that of exploitation. Christ was a healer. He would have been a pro-environmental activist

    • Dawn

      Christ is the son of the living GOD, why would he need to be an environmental activist when God created it? He did heal and he did say he was the son of God so please don’t give me that ‘he was just a good guy’ excuse. You either believe he was who he said or you don’t. This world is passing away, he said so, it is true, whatever the cause there will be nothing man can do about it. I am not saying don’t look after the planet but make God your main focus, you won’t be here forever and neither will your children. God is remaking it anew eventually, and he will take care of those who love one another and love him. We have that choice. Love all people, whilst caring for the planet, no matter who you believe there is something nasty about the money involved in all this.
      Mt 6:24 No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.
      God is in charge of the world no matter how big mankind likes to think he is
      Mt 6:26 Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they?

      Well are you?

  • Rachelle

    @ s: “i would be very interested to learn where you heard of child murder…??”

    It’s in The Bible (throughout the OT and NT…King James version)…which I have actually read and not simply skimmed through.

    No need to defend or apologize for Christians though…People are people no matter what they “believe.” I realize there are good and bad people…sane and insane people among us all.

    What I do recall is about 4 of the 7 politicians running for office this past election on the Republican side raising their hands at a debate when asked: “Who here does NOT believe in evolution?” They were of course the far-right/religious right conservative Republicans who deny global warming/climate change as much as they deny evolution. How are we gonna solve enviro problems when there are those who deny there ARE problems? I’m just sayin.’

  • Whoever…

    “Sea level isn’t rising?” Tell that to the population of Tuvalu!

    “Environmentalists haven’t accepted that humans are part of the environment?” Talk about distorting things!!

    “Go back to the dark ages?” I’m an environmentalist and I love the comfort of the modern life, thank you!! What environmentalists want is a sustainable lifestyle. How hard is that to understand?

    “I mean, the Bible is really clear on this that humanity was to subdue all this amazing stuff we have around us and use it for our betterment.”

    The bible? Don’t make me laugh! Humm… Isn’t one of the ten commandments: “Thou shall not kill”? By the way, why doesn’t it specify “kill what”? Humans, animals, humans and animals? Humm, ambiguity is something which doesn’t suit a perfect god, is it? What if that commandment is saying that we shouldn’t kill, period? Wouldn’t that make all the non-veg*an Christians, anti-christians? Humm… I’m confused…

    And regarding the bible, or any other religious book for that matter, has anyone ever seen the original texts? Do these people know what translation means? Do they know that no matter how good a translation is, something always gets changed or adapted to the target culture into which it’s being translated? A famous botanist in my country did a study on the plants described in our bible (= translated into our native language). Guess what? Many of the plants described in it never even existed in the Middle East and therefore it made no sense that they would be mentioned in the texts. This was clearly an error made by those who translated it.

    So if such a basic thing as a plant species gets wrongly translated, what about the rest of the stuff? Oh, and I’m sure that these kinds of errors didn’t happen only with the translation into our language.

    Anyway, this ‘documentary’ is nothing but pure pollution! :)

    • Dawn

      These are basic antichristian arguments which come in from all critics who haven’t done the research on the original texts and the copies of the text and how many copies were made. Don’t forget to get a book in those days a scribe wrote it or you did, *no presses///there are countless exact copies of these texts which have been dated and varified by historians, some secular ones if that makes you feel better.
      I wonder why just because someone in a documentary losely twists scripture this becomes a major bashing session of the Word of God?

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  • RemyC

    Did you notice who the trailer focuses on? Patrick Moore, the ex-founder of Greenpeace who is now helping Entergy relicense all their old nuclear power plants!

    When I met Patrick for the first time last year, he had never heard about Helium-3, which has since been used as a premise for the new movie Moon. Helium-3 can fuel nuclear reactions without, that’s right, without nuclear radiation. The catch, it’s not possible to manufacture on Earth… but it’s found in vast amounts on the surface on the Moon.

    It’s surprising that Patrick Moore would lend his name to this turkey, because the nuclear industry is using global warming as a pretext PR tool to convince people nukes are better than burning coal!

    I think Moore just shot himself in the foot.

  • Ed Darrell

    I hope readers here will spread the word about how wrong the makers of this film are — about everything.

    See here, for example:

    Thank you.

  • Mike Nelson

    Those of us in the sciences who believe in doing real science are glad to see the pseudo-science of global warming being debunked. Anyone familiar with the geologic record knows that major climate changes are a natural part of geohistory. The Pleistocene and Quaternary rocks of the Santa Barbara Channel record many rapid changes in ocean temperature, with some cycles on the order of 100 year or less. We live in an interglacial period of 10,000 years duration so far and it has been one of remarkable stasis. That has allowed civilization to flourish to the point where we now can create panic about global warming. The fact is that stasis is not typical. Rapid temperature changes have been the norm for the past 2 million years. The human contribution to climate change is tiny. Look at the energy budget for the earth. It is 99.99% solar. Global warming is a political tool for statists to increase government control over everything. And it pumps a lot of money in to the pockets of Big Green.

  • Danny Hermelin

    Its hard to comprehend how many scientifically-ignorant people are trashing this film for being anti-scientific. Two facts to consider for anyone out there who knows nothing about science: Around five years ago, even hard-core global-warming activates agreed that there is still some disagreement about all these issues in the scientific community. I do not know any other example of a controversial scientific hypothesis in the natural sciences that has completely been settled in five years. Second, if you compare other fields which have given rise to public debate, e.g. stem-cell research, there is not a single researcher who is recognized as a top-class scientist by his peers who disagrees with large-portions of the scientific hypothesis behind the relevant field. Prof. Linden of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is accepted throughout the geological community as being a (perhaps one of the top five) leading researchers in the field, yet he has gone public more than once against many aspects of the “global-warming hypothesis”. And he is not alone. But I guess all of you know much better then him. You might wanna try to apply for his position at MIT, they pay quite a good salary.

  • Kris Krause

    For the last two posts, wheres your phd? Please tell me that you have a phd or even any sort of scientific background. I have yet to meet any scientist that does not work for corporations that says that there isn’t a problem. That’s all I ask; prove you have something other than a thumb up your A**.

  • Dawn

    Seen the emails yet?

    It is good that the scam is exposed, apart from being a money making scam it, has managed to avert peoples eyes away from the reality of large multinationals trashing and polluting the planet and was also aiming at letting it continue unabated!
    Greenpeace used to fight for real environmental issues, then they got hijacked by this ‘climate change’ psuedoscience, let them get back to saving the wales and stopping water pollution etc.
    Also let people stop being so trusting of powerful people walking after their own lusts.

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