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Sea Shepherd's Paul Watson Chats With Treehugger Radio

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Paul Watson, the famed captain of the Sea Shepherd Society, recently sat down with Treehugger Radio and gave a really great interview. We encourage you to hit the entire conversation here, but below are some highlights:

How the public’s reactions to Sea Shepherd’s actions affect the group:

“Well, we’re really not too concerned about what people think about us because our clients happen to be whales and sharks and sea turtles and fish. So you know, we do what we do, and people either like it, or they don’t like it. They either like it passionately or they dislike us intensely. What we do out there is simply go out and intervene against illegal activities. We aren’t a protest group. What we are is an interventionist group. And we’ve never hurt anybody, but we’re quite aggressive.”

On the legality (or lack thereof) of the Japanese whale hunts:

“The Japanese say that they kill whales for scientific research, but nobody buys that argument. In fact, last month, New Scientist magazine rejected their science, saying that it had no validity. It’s all a commercial meat market—it’s all for sushi restaurants in Japan. A very small percentage of Japanese people eat it, but that’s enough to have a market. It brings in, if they’re successful, about $250-300 million a year. And we’ve managed to negate those profits for the last three years.”

On Sea Shepherd being labeled a “terrorist group” by some:

“We’re an extremely non-violent organization—33 years without causing a single injury, without sustaining any injuries, without being convicted of a crime. We’re not terrorists, we’re not criminals. Those are just labels. In fact, it doesn’t matter whether you’re saving whales or running for President of the United States these days, if people don’t like you they’re going to call you a terrorist. It’s become the most favored catch phrase of all time.”

For the full two-page interview, jump here.

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