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PRN-033321 copyRingling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus is the worst! I mean like if the world were a movie than Ringling Bros. would be that sociopathic villain who kills kittens and eats babies. Get my drift? 

Shanna Moakler, a long-time vegetarian and animal lover, recently took her fam to the Ringling Bros. circus and is now regretting it big time. She says: 

“My family and I attended the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus a couple weeks ago, and I believed—as I know many do—that the circus would treat its animals humanely. I was so deeply saddened when I saw PETA’s video showing the horrific abuse the elephants suffered at the hands of Ringling trainers. I took for granted that people were doing the right thing. I hope everyone watches the video at With this new knowledge, we can draw attention to this issue, make changes, and ensure that animals big and small are properly cared for. No amount of entertainment is worth allowing the torture of other living beings. We will never attend another Ringling Bros. show.”

We love that news! 

Wanna know why YOU should stay at least 50 trillion miles away from the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus? Visit to learn the truth behind the saddest show on earth!

  • Emily

    Okay, I like Shanna. Honest I do. But, how the… um, heck… does anyone, who has grown up in the United States in this day and age, who is in the public eye, who is aware enough about animals to be a vegetarian NOT ALREADY KNOW THAT THE CIRCUS ya know, SUCKS for the animals involved?! I’m just saying…

  • erin raw foods

    I was thinking the same thing. Pretty pathetic actually.


  • Baron Sherrill

    I just took my family to the circus in Oakland on 8/15/09. I saw the people handing out papers and carrying signs about the animal abuse. On the way out we were followed into the parking lot by two women who asked my kids if they enjoyed the show. My children responded joyfully that they loved it. Well, these two then went on to tell my 4 year old and my 12 year old how the circus people beat the animal. I told both of them that there was a time and a place and they were in the wrong place. I told both of them that they should focus on what humans do to other humans rather than what people do to animals. I’m not for abuse of any animal but what we do to each other is far worse. Think about it and stop scaring kids, it’s my job to educate them on the issue which I’ve already done and they still wanted to go see the circus.

  • Jeremy

    It sucks that your kids had to hear the truth at such an early age. Hopefully it will make them become more aware of animal abuse in there early years and promote a life long stance on animal rights.

  • David Loesch

    The folks at PETA are out of control. Sure, they have some legitimate issues, but a lot of their positions are really off the wall and their tactics downright offensive. They recently got all upset about a charity fish tossing contest in Seattle to benefit the fire department. It was based on the fish mongers at Pike Place Market who toss (dead) fish to entertain the customer, who are buying fish from them to eat. It is a local tradition and tourist attraction. The fish are food. The tossing is harmless entertainment and a sales gimmick. Anyway, PETA predictably got all bent out of shape as usual. I think they are not so concerned about animal abuse as they are about getting attention. I don’t know that dead fish need protecting.