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Even though Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine flick was widely panned by critics (and X-Men fans alike), it still managed to pull in a respectable $363 million worldwide. We also dug the film because it was a heavy hitter in terms of green production value. Producers managed to divert 92% of the 670 tonnes created during filming from landfills; saving almost $55,000 in the process. Jackman also lauded the effort saying he was “proud to be a part of the new generation of sustainable filmmakers.”

Not surprisingly, the sequel to the movie — once more to be produced by Jackman — was announced as in production by the man himself at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday. Supposedly, the plot takes place in Japan — which is potentially good news for yet another sustainable production. The reason I’m hopeful is because it’s not uncommon for studios to film in New Zealand and use the country’s backdrop to mimic Japan’s. It was done with Tom Cruise’s The Samuri and I’m sure it would make financial sense in this case. Additionally, it’s New Zealand that’s pushing these green screen initiatives (where much of Wolverine was shot) — so the same rules would once again be in effect. I’m speculating here, but it’s possible that the Wolverine sequel could carry an even lighter footprint thanks to methods learned on the previous production.

Then again, perhaps the only real question on everyone’s minds is if Bryan Singer will be back to direct this latest X-Men chapter.

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  • Melissa Kay

    I have to say, I giggled was the “Green” light pun. Intentional?

  • Jesso Brinkwater

    Tonnes? Landfill? What are you talking about…X men along with most sci-fi blockbusters are gargantuan CO2 smokestacks. Credit all the carbon you want, that CO2 went up in smoke and according to their own scientists is responsible for all the … whatever it is that you Greeners think it does.

  • Katrina Russo

    I never knew that Wolverine was a green production. My sons liked the movie, I was wondering if you know if the production of toys such as this one:!.shtml
    is green as well. Parents spend billions on toys for their kids, it would be a smart industry to promote green production.

    Happy shopping,


  • KJ

    Good to see you picked up on the study.
    If you are interested in looking at it go to
    The link is on the lower right of the home page.
    I run the Regional Film Office, we worked with the Production team on the study and hope the come back for the sequel.
    I am sure we can put what we learned from Woverine to use to become more efficient with a smaller footprint.

  • Georgina

    Maybe if Jackman jacks-up with soy protein instead of eating tons of chickens and advertises it as it is i would go see the movie. Otherwise the message he basically he would send as he did for his previous movie was pretty much “hey kids, want to be big and strong like me? EAT CHICKEN!”

    Someone please, lend him a copy of Skinny Bastard. I would but currently my husband is reading it!