by Luke Warner
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Has anyone seen the documentary Dirt! The Movie yet? It’s been screening around the country this summer at festivals and events but I haven’t seen it. Narrated by Jamie Lee Curtis, the film features a who’s who of agricultural, economic and environmental activists discussing the impact that our mistreatment of dirt and topsoil is having on the planet and what we can do to stem the tide. The consequences of reduced fertile soil are already leading to droughts, famine and war.

It’s easy to forget the complexity of this planet and every single piece of the process that it takes to keep our lives how we like them. This looks like a much needed international perspective.

The producers say, “If you care about your food, water, the air you breathe, your health and happiness… it’s time to see DIRT! the Movie, roll up your sleeves for action and Get Dirty.” Check out their website for ways to get involved with spreading the word about important changes that can be made at the highest levels. Here’s the trailer:

  • s

    good trailer! who knew there was so much going on with dirt?? also, i love the title. “DIRT! THE MOVIE!” :)

  • Meghan Porter

    Loved the trailer! I want to watch the documentary now. :) I think most of us don’t think about the impact dirt has on our day to day lives and we definitely take it for granted! Hopefully this documentary will spread awareness and teach us what we can do save the dirt! Have you thought about creating a poll for your readers? I find them useful and pretty fun for voting!

  • RemyC

    David Spade should resurrect Joe Dirt to help promote this film…