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If I never hear the name “Michael Vick” again it will be too soon!

Last week I wrote a post for VEGdaily and Ecorazzi explaining why I supported both the Eagles and the HSUS’ decision to work with Vick.  Boy, did I get some emails about that one! It was expected though, and in the aftermath I remain firm on my position.

Two days after we published the article, Vick appeared on 60 Minutes to talk about dogfighting and his thoughts on the situation. Vick said:

“There’s no way of explaining the hurt and the guilt that I felt and that was the reason I cried so many nights. And that put it all into perspective.”

What do you think about the interview? Watch the clip below and tell us your thoughts on Vick’s appearance on 60 Minutes.

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  • James

    Michael, become vegan today.

    Your words did not sound true at all. If you really changed, do something your advisers did not guide you to do (cooperating with HSUS is expected and obvious).

    Do you think it is ok to kill and eat dogs?

    Think Michael, open your heart, stop acting like a robot.

  • SarahHSUS

    I totally understand your sentiments :)

  • SarahHSUS

    That being said though, I think the interview was good. I think it shed light on what the benefit here can be for the animals, and that is after all, what it comes down to – how can we use this to help animals.

  • hil

    He does seem remorseful in that interview, we shall see what his imapct is on this issue in coming months.

  • frank

    Crocodile tears! No offense to crocodiles.

  • deena

    If he can really flip and become an anti-dogfighting activist and bring down the numbers of dogfighting based on his position in life then he’s forgivien and it had a purpose.
    Right now I don’t believe his lyin eyes.

  • Mike Licht

    My view on the whole thing it was really all about his career. He keeps mentioning that all the time. Watch it again he says he was worried about loosing the sponsors etc… He knows he is under a lot of pressure. I believe if everyone backed off he would not do what he says he is going to do. He killed dogs… if he went seriously vegan then I would be like ok maybe this is step in the right direction.

    All in time I guess. What would he do if Philly did not pick him up. He would be broke and having to work a 9-5 job or something. Still Shame on Philly.

  • erin raw foods

    He says he could have shut down the dog fighting operation and when he says why he says for his CAREER for his FAMILY but NOT about the DOGS!

    That proved it to me right there. He regrets EVER having those dogs fight. That is clear. But *I* believe the reason he regrets it is because he damaged and or killed his image. NOT because he damaged or killed all those beautiful creatures… the dogs.


  • Tom

    While earning my psych degree
    and later at the federal law
    enforcement acadeny, I was
    taught that cruelty to animals
    was one of the first serious
    symptoms of psychopathology. We
    were also taught that these
    traits and the pathology itself
    is untreatable. Psychopaths
    don’t get better. Why are so
    many pretending they do?

  • maelstrom

    Alec Baldwin stated nicely in his fluffy apologist piece for the Huffington Post…

    ” And in economic hard times like now, support for groups like the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and other prominent players in the animal rights movement, drops precipitously.”

    Follow the money! If organizations like HSUS really gave a shit about dogs they’d have joined the no kill movement long ago instead of hindering it. Does anyone here give a shit that this is the organization that wanted Vicks dogs dead? They won’t be getting a single dollar of my money…they can pay Wayne Pacelle’s super outragous salary with someone else’s money…probably yours.

  • Marjorie Mckeon

    all can say is

    All I can say is “BS” I fo one refuse to buy any Eagle apparel , no t shirts, no sweat shirts, no jackets, no caps, nadda
    what I do own is in the trash. He would still be ding it if not caught in the act. Andy Reed should be kicked in the butt. He rewarded this dog torturer and killer with millions of dollars. Do you know how they train those dogs ? With kittens , and puppies !!!!

  • whitney

    “I’m sorry for murdering that child, I can has a job?”

    Life is life, right? That is what we animal right activists want, right? If he killed just ONE person, he’d never get a job. How can we preach equality, yet back this guy up?

    I know people are like “animals are NOT children!! blah blah!”, that’s why I used only one child to represent all the animals he killed, but in my mind, it’s like this guy killed hundreds of babies, not dogs.

  • erin raw foods

    omg Whitney you said that SO well.

    This guy finally had a chance to redeem himself on 60 minutes and if he’d cried (or even SAID) I could have shut it down, because it was So awful for those dogs. so awful how they suffered their pain, their anguish but all he talked about was I could have SHUT IT DOWN FOR MY CAREER, my sponsors my family. He ain’t sorry. Oh wait he is sorry, one sorry mo fo if you know what i mean but he shows no remorse.

    Lock his sorry pyschopathic ass back in prison where he BELONGS!


  • Lynnae

    Whitney, you said exactly what I’ve been saying…if these were children he did this to, it would be a TOTALLY different story. He would never have gotten away with only 2 years in prison and he definitely wouldn’t be signing a multi-million dollar deal to play football.

    My opinion on this whole thing is that he is sorry….sorry he got CAUGHT. I just can’t buy his story. If you truly knew what you were doing was wrong, you never would have done it. How warped is your thinking that you feel the need to do that to animals for no other reason than entertainment? I don’t think he truly regrets what he did and I don’t think he’ll ever change his way of thinking.

  • hil

    What I got from watching the video is that from his frame of reference dog fighting wasn’t wrong to him at the time he was doing it. That’s the larger picture, not that Michael Vick was fighting dogs, but that him and many of the people that grew up with dog fighting as a norm don’t see that it is wrong until it is pointed out to them. It’s a mental model that needs to be addressed and let go of, just like bull fighting in Spain is a norm, so was dog fighting a norm to him. With that in mind, he does have to potential to address this mental model from its source and hopefully put an end to it.

  • L

    I personally doubt that VIck feels any remorse for his actions. However, I think that his high profile status and connections with at-risk youths will make a greater impact than someone who is unknown to the mass populus.

    Not to imply that he’s a sociopath, but people who have sociopathic tendencies can’t simply be “cured” of their emotional disconnect in a mere two years. Its a lifelong process that you simply cannot “get over” or “see the light” even after going to prison, which is why there are such high rates of repeat offenders after prison.

    With that being said, even these people are better off at least *doing* good if not *feeling* it on an emotional level. That’s simply what one has to do to survive in society, and if the rest of society are benefitting from it, then I have nothing against it.

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