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With the first installment in the Twilight vampire series raking in over $383 million at the worldwide box office, stars of the movie have discovered that their skyrocketing fame has worked wonders for their charity work. MTV recently profiled several of the actresses and actors in the film and found that they share one thing in common: a hunger to give back. Here are some highlights from the article:

Christian Serratos for PETA
A vegetarian since age 8, the girl otherwise known as Angela Weber can sympathize with the Cullen clan’s desire to be picky about what they eat. “I’ve been working a lot with PETA. I love what PETA does — they know what’s appropriate and what’s not,” said the actress, who has filmed videos with her dog Gorilla speaking out against fur, dissection of frogs and animal testing for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. “[Not eating meat] helps a lot of people. Like, people don’t understand that eating red meats can literally be dangerous. Stop eating the red meat and you’ll feel lighter and more harmonious.”

Ashley Greene for Do Something
Following in the footsteps of stars like Kristen Bell and Rachel Bilson, Ashley recently announced that she’ll be partnering with to once again prove that she’s every bit as kind to those around her as Alice Cullen. “Giving back is very important to me — it’s why I originally got involved with, and it’s what attracted me to Do Something,” Ashley told us about the launch of a to-be-determined social-action campaign with the site, which encourages people to help those around them in ways both big and small. “I am eager to use my voice to encourage young people to donate their time and support the causes they care about.”

To see what other cast members like Jakson Rathbone, Michael Welch, and Kellan Lutz are up to, check out the full MTV article here.

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