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Remember that vegetarian PETA ad Alicia Silverstone did in the nude? Turns out, it’s not such a unusual thing for her to strip down and enjoy nature in the buff.

The 32-year-old actress and animal-rights activist recently told a US magazine that she loves gardening naked — something Woody Harrelson inspired her to enjoy. “[It] probably started when I was doing my garden the first time,” she said. “I’d be out there, and it would be scorching hot, so I would take off all of my clothes and garden. And then I would jump in the pool and swim – and I always get in the pool naked.”

“I used to spend a lot of time with Woody Harrelson, and he’s not afraid to get naked,” she added.

>>>To see that sexy PETA ad, jump here.

Anyone else out there have some naked confessions to share? Check out more photos of Silverstone in the buff below!

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  • TravelingVeg

    I dance naked in the mornings, but not outside because I live in TN and we have mosquitoes. And neighbors.

    But I applaud Alicia!

    • Holly

      You would.

    • shams

      I love naked girls, especially in the early morning because they have beautiful flowers resembling

    • Phil

      I applaud her as well. (it’s also the best way to swim.)

    • rxgary

      you can move here with me, all my neighbors are at least a quarter mile away

  • Stephanie

    Hot. As a bi-sexual vegan, I have to love a girl like that. :)

  • Eric

    I take showers naked. Its true.

    • Travis

      holy shit! you shower naked? that’s ballsy…

      • Indi


        I just got dressed… BUT, before that… I was NAKED! :)

  • georgina0912


    • georgina0912

      good note

  • Holly

    Just another insecure actress fishing for compliments in all wrong places.Blah its so cleche.

    • Sara

      Did you mean to say cliché? Before you hate on someone get your spelling right :)

    • SlackerKeith

      I love it when morons hop on these boards to blast someone else, but can’t spell a simple word such as “cliche”.

      • ghr

        What about accute learning dissorders such as dyslexia you moron, grow up! And btw cliche is a french word so in english if we wish to use it we may spell it as we like, doctor it and make our own english version

  • Pippin

    I like watching people dance naked.


    nothing turns me on more that photoshop airbrush. *FAP*

    • Bad Dad

      Wouldn’t you like to see her picking grapes with her toes while lying on her back!!!LOL!!!

  • Imagebuffet

    I also enjoy gardening naked. I have more than 500 s.f. of garden space in my backyard, with corn, sunflowers, watermelon, potatoes, tomatoes and strawberries. I did virtually all of it while wearing nothing more than my glasses and maybe a hat or tennis shoes.

  • GreenGirl

    Haha. Go Alicia, I say.
    Hmm, can’t say I have any things which I do naked, but who DOESN’T dance in their underwear from time to time?

  • jay

    Hey i was raised as a nudist my whole family would walk around nude, gardening in the nude,laying out and swimming in the nude. Why are americans so uptight about being nude. Nudity and sex are 2 different things.

    • frytoy

      One certainly makes the other more convenient, though. :)

    • Taro

      Maybe it’s because nobody wants to see your ugly, naked body cavorting in your backyard like some kind of creepy child molestor who just discovered a grade school. Why are you so uptight about clothes?

  • http://Non Adriaan

    We all are naked, are we not. It’s just that some prefer to cover it up. No big deal. The Arabs more so. So don’t think yourself better.

  • John Dolan

    If our creator did not want us to eat cows, it would have made them harder to catch. I love steak.

  • GuEsT

    While she’s frolicking naked in the garden, maybe she can find what’s left of her career.


    She is sooooo delicious

  • Stevie

    Frankly I applaud Alicia Silverstone for being a balance human, Perfectly normal behavior being naked while gardening and skinny dipping afterwards, perfectly natural behavior, physically, mentally, and emotionally health and even therapeutic being nude. Honestly for the life of me how Americans view nudity is so bizarre. It is perfectly normal to be nude, whether gardening or swimming or even at the beach, being naked is a normal human behavior. In Europe we don’t have a problem with nudity or generate perversions due to any visual aspects from a individuals nudity. Maybe because we know sex is a normal human behavior and is open about it, the fact a person is nude does not indicate or suggest sex or desire sex. American sex is still a taboo subject, prudish socially refusing to being open about sex. Socially America is so easily shocked or embarrassed by sex, yet it is ramped, everyone has sex in a closet here, some dam weird stuff too. The honest extent of American sexuality is not healthy, the huge diversity in its application or method of stimulation for pleasure is unreal, yet in public the general condenses is it is a sin to have sex, bad and shame on you, shame on who? The one, running around screaming dam pervert, is the dam pervert!
    As I was saying earlier, I admire Alicia’s love for our furry creatures and her dedication towards the fight to stop the suffering so many of them endure from sadistic, selfish uneducated human buffoons. Which factually show are the real true animals on this planet, reckless and self-absorbed without any consideration towards others then themselves? The respect I have for Alicia being a vegetarian, I am trying and still hypocrite like so many others by no fault of their own, it’s our society, the system which governs our most of everyday life and the disinformation and lies the population have been taught for generations.
    Alicia Silverstone is phenomenal person; her appearance in the flesh is outstanding, her skin tone and feminine physique is outstanding. Being a vegetarian is good for you, Alicia looks really healthy all the way around, mentally, spiritually and physically, truly a beauty. I always like her from the first time I saw her in the music video where she jumps off the overpass, discovering she is tied to a rope and while dangling over the edge flips the finger back up.
    Alicia is not just cute or sexy, she is downright gorgeous. That’s a girl who you could honestly enjoy discussing any subject with, nothing phony, a real person who is most likely fun to do anything with, I’ll bet she is a really good friend to the ones she considers her friends.
    Alicia Silverstone resembles really fine vintage wine, the older Alicia gets the finer she looks, imagine how wonderful a simple kiss on her lips would be, truly heaven.

  • rxgary

    not me i go commando