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Gap Inc. has joined fellow California companies like Google and Yahoo and is now serving cage-free eggs in their cafeteria.

The decision came after the company learned about factory farming and how most eggs in the U.S. come from atrocious battery cages.

Paul Shapiro, Senior director of the HSUS’ factory farming campaign said:

“The Humane Society of the United States applauds Gap for joining the national movement away from cruel battery cages. It’s hard to imagine a more miserable existence for a bird than being crammed in a cage so small, she can’t even spread her wings.”

While this is certainly better than getting eggs from battery-caged hens, even cage-free birds are not protected under the Humane Slaughter Act, thus providing them zero legal rights.

To learn more about other companies going cage-free, visit

  • VeggieTart

    Let’s hope these companies also have increased vegan options as well.

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  • D.

    “Truthiness: something that is spoken as if true, that one wants others to believe is true, that said often enough with enough voices orchestrated in behind it, might even sound true, but is not true.” / Ken Dryden, Canadian MP

    The complete article:

    It is unfortunate that the link at the end of this segment is to HSUS and not to .

  • Whoever…

    Although companies going cage-free is a ‘good’ start, it’s not enough!

    Baby steps…baby steps…! Why can’t they just have the guts to do the right thing once and for all?


  • Erica

    Well, it’s wonderful that GAP cares so much more about chickens than the underage CHILDREN they imprison in their sweatshops. (noted sarcasm)
    More people will be buying their clothes than eating eggs from the cafeteria. Think about the consumption.
    Hypocritical jerks.

    • Anthony

      Obviously misinformed, GAP INC was not aware that this was taking place and once they found out they immediately stopped using the manufactures. This has also prompted an increased awareness about Child labour and has increased stricter policies to become implemented so that this stops happening around the world. I’m not applauding cheap labour by any means but as a fashion designer I know that it’s very expensive to manufacture clothing and yet so many consumers are angry about prices. Plain and simple, don’t complain and there wouldn’t be cheap labour needed.

      • Bucky Freedent

        Anthony=GAP drone