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With a name like The Zookeeper you know there’s bound to be trouble!

The film starring Rosario Dawson, Adam Sandler, Cher and Sylvester Stallone has contracted the company Birds & Animals Unlimited to supply their animals for the shoot…and PETA is not happy.

Turns out Birds & Animals Unlimited have received TONS of violations from the USDA and have quite the reputation.

To help mend the situation, PETA has written a letter to the stars of the film saying: “Exotic animals used as involuntary ‘actors’ are routinely subjected to rigorous and abusive training methods to coerce them into performing acts that are stressful, uncomfortable, confusing and even painful.”

The answer: PETA suggests using computer generated imagery. What do you think? Should The Zookeeper take advantage of technology or is using animals for entertainment not a big deal? Speak now or forever hold your peace!

  • erin raw foods

    technology. Birds & Animals Unlimited is one of the most despicable disgusting companies I know. PLEASE GO DIGITAL! It would work too in a film like this!


  • Adri

    They would really consider contracting with such a disreputable company? Shame on them. Go digital.

  • Elaine Vigneault

    Yes, CG is the way to go.

  • Michael Parrish DuDell

    Come on, nobody has commented on my amazing photoshop creation?

  • erin raw foods

    Photoshop Creation!? I thought it was really Sandler in a Snow White outfit!

    Amazing! :)


  • svendsen

    Another perspective on animal treatment on the movie set, namely on the original “The Zookeeper” from 2001, a war drama inspired by real events in the Balkans starring Sam Neill, where a solitary zookeeper stays behind to tend for the animals as the war rages outside, the occasional stray mortar landing in the compound, and nationalist seeking to re-stock their meat supplies. For those interested trailer on youtube under zookeperthemovie

  • RAIN

    HOLLYWOOD = abuse animals. Watch almost any movie and you will see animals being used for cinematic entertainment. People got to learn to let go. Tell the CG people to get better!

    Adam Sandler movies exploit animals like crazy like his last major movie zultan or whatever the name of it was.

  • s

    it’s 2009! just use CG animals!

  • Whoever…

    What’s so interesting about watching a film with animals in it?

    I truly don’t even find it entertaining…
    I don’t get it, really!

    “I thought it was really Sandler in a Snow White outfit!”

  • erin raw foods

    Once again Whoever we’re on the same page. Wait we really are. Literally and figuratively. Mind Boggling! :)


  • Whoever…


  • Mikki

    There is so much to offer with computer generated graphics now that there really is no need to torture animals in order to get a good ‘shot’. I don’t think its right, and animal movies aren’t that entertaining for me unless its a good documentary.

  • Erica

    Well, as long as the animals are treated well and provided for after the movie. Or maybe they should just use the animals in the zoo they’re filming in, since they already have a home.
    And before you think I’m cruel, listen to this- animal training- wild and domestic- has now become more and more humane. All it really is is an animal’s natural reaction to a stimulus followed by a reinforcement(reward).
    For instance, my dog. I give her the “sit” command, where as I lift my hand in the air, she automatically plants her butt on the ground. As soon as she does what I want, I reinforce her by saying “Good girl!”, then I give her a treat and a friendly rubdown. Keep in mind that my dog is not starving- she is fed twice a day and given plenty of water. I am not “forcing” her to do a trick. All she’s thinking is “All I have to do is sit down and I get free food? Sweet deal!”
    It’s just like giving a paying your child their allowance for doing a few chores- they don’t need money- you take good care of them, feed them, dress them- but they want it anyway.
    It’s the same way with most modern training. Except that some people still use bullhooks for elephant(now THOSE are cruel!)

  • Erica

    And what was so wrong with You Don’t Mess with Zultan? All they did was give a couple dogs a haircut.