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Is you wardrobe lacking a touch of green style? For this week’s Twitter Thursday, we’ve partnered up with German eco-fashion house hessnatur to giveaway some of their collection — and hook readers up with a generous discount on everything in their catalog!

Obviously, we’re all about pushing ethical fashion brands into the mainstream, and hessnatur defines their designs as “beautiful natural clothing that respects the health and human rights of those who create it.” It’s no wonder then that eco-conscious celebrities such as Cameron Diaz have been spotted in the brand. The company also makes it a point to tell customers what exactly goes into each piece of clothing — including how animal threads (like wool) are raised and sustainably managed.

For today’s giveaway, hessnatur is providing a 100% Silk Dress (pictured above), beautiful Alpaca and Cotton Sweater, and a Linen and Silk Cardigan. They’re also offering a 15% discount for Ecorazzi readers with free shipping and returns. Simply enter the coupon code: LER321. Offer is good until August 30th.

Now — want to win? Drop below the fold to learn more about entering and walking away with some green goods from hessnatur.

How To Enter Via Twitter

1.) Join Twitter (if you haven’t already).
2.) Follow @ecorazzi on Twitter.
3.) At 3pm EST, we’ll send out a contest message. All you have to do is re-tweet that contest message and add it to your updates. So if we say:

“Follow @ecorazzi & @hessnatur and RT this to win: We’re giving away all-natural clothing from @hessnatur! 30th and 70th person to RT this wins!”
You’ll say:
Follow @ecorazzi & @hessnatur and RT this to win: We’re giving away all-natural clothing from @hessnatur! 30th and 70th person to RT this wins!”

(Note: exact wording will differ at contest time. And it may be in another language. or backwards. we advise having a mirror nearby just in case.)

4.) The 30th and 70th person to RT that message will each win an Alpaca and Cotton Sweater, or a Linen and Silk Cardigan (in a size of their choice). (Feel free to enter as many times as you like — but don’t be annoying to your followers. Nobody likes that! :) )

How To Enter Via Ecorazzi

1.) Just leave a comment below telling why you need some green in your closet. We’ll then choose one commenter to win that 100% Silk Dress pictures above. Comments will remain open for entries until tomorrow at 3PM EST. Please, one entry per person!

Contest Rules:

Must be 18 years of age to enter. | One comment per person per article. | Make sure the email address you use to comment is valid. | Giveaway is available to residents of the U.S. only | Ecorazzi will pick a random number from a pool of numbers equaling the total number of comments. | Ecorazzi will email the winner and ship the product to the address provided in the commenter’s responsive email. | Shipping is on Ecorazzi. | If we don’t hear from the commenter within twenty-four (24) hours, we’ll go ahead and pick another number from the hat. | Promo is not available to any writers of Ecorazzi. | No substitutions for cash are permitted with these giveaways. | Winners are responsible for any tax consequences of winning.

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  • Heather

    Why do I need some green in my closet? Because in an effort to be a responsible adult, I am trying to save money–which means I can’t invest too often in all these lovely, eco-chic clothes I read about all the time on your site!

    (Although I can do my part and shop thrift and vintage, but sometimes it’s not the same :)

  • Cassandra

    I need some green in my closet so that I can continue to practice what I preach about going green. I need to step it up a bit and go green in all aspects of my life, not in just those “easy” areas that I pick and choose.

  • Meghan Nesta

    I need some Hessnatur green in my closet because I tweet and blog about eco-issues AND I’ve been learning about Hessnatur over the past few days – they are AWESOME! From their clothing to their business practices, they are the real deal.

  • hutchess

    That dress is gorgeous!!! I love the hessnatur collection and the animal and earth friendly nature. Thanks for introducing us to them! btw, I could use a new dress :)

  • Sharon Aditya

    I want some more green in my closet because as a highschool teacher, I cant really afford the stylish green lines. I do shop sales & target for their eco lines whenver possible. If I win, then I will make it a point to purchase green clothing atleast once a month =) btw I alos love the hessnatur collection. its gorgeous.

  • erin raw foods

    I could use a new dress as well as my old ones aren’t all eco friendly…. E

  • Jay

    LOVE love love it all! I could use the longer stuff for the autumnal months…the dress is gorgeous…

  • VeggieGirl

    The pictured dress, made of silk and from China? Doesn’t sound too eco-friendly to me.

  • Ej

    “Green” clothing is very hard to find in the small, southern town I live in.

  • Joanne Schultz

    LOL, I need some green in my closet since there’s not much green in my wallet as I’ve been unemployed for eight months! And green is good for the environment, so it’s good for all of us!

  • michelle rosborough

    Because I have no “green” clothing

  • gina

    Okay, I’ll be honest. I don’t /need/ the dress. But it’s beautiful and green and I sure would wear it an awful lot!

  • zmama

    Because I love green and green products and love natural fibers!! :)

  • icefairy

    I have several bamboo shirts but nothing silk. This would be an awesome addition!

  • Jennifer Nicole

    Being an eco-conscious fashion blogger, I’m all about adding green to my closet. I don’t know much about hessnatur, but will spend more time checking them out, and a dress by them would make life a lot easier! ;)

  • LuckyCat7

    Since all I wear is black pants and a tee, I would say I need a dress and a “green” one at that. The colors are really pretty :)

  • Kristine

    Ooh, to prove that one can look pretty in green clothing.


    When I was young and growing up in Central Florida, we always adored green (it was the color of a swamp in our neighborhood that a green alligator swam in). After I moved, I would see people wearing green and it would always make me think of the green swamp I adored, and the lovely green alligator, who I deemed Mr. Giggles.

  • Bianca

    I love me some green in the closet, but have to decline silk. Usually to extract the silk the cocoon is boiled w/ silkworm still inside. There are only a very few for example that is eco-friendly and non-violent!

  • Tina B.

    I could use a gorgeous “green” dress for Fall! Thanks for the chance!

  • gina

    um yeah silk is not cruelty-free which is kinda what I’m after when I’m looking for “green” products. I’m not sure about that alpaca sweater mentioned above either.

  • savannah Grace

    This dress is so beautiful and the fact that it is environmentally green is such a plus! I try to buy with my heart and eyes together as one! So a leather shoe, bag or belt may be beautiful but the harm that to the animal isn’t worth it! I believe very strongly that sustainable and eco-friendly fashions are our future… they have to be. Brands like Hessnatur defy those who don’t believe that fashion and sustainability can reside in the same article of clothing. Applause to Ecorazzi for highlighting this great brand!

  • Sara

    I would love some green goodness in my closet. I’ve been on a spending freeze when it comes to my wardrobe for a long time. I only shop for ultra-discounted clearance items, second hand goodies at thrift shops n swap with friends n family. It would be lovely to have something new & green ~!

  • Melanie Lee

    Because everyone needs some green in their closet, its the eco-friendly thing to do! It helps when the item is also beautiful.

  • twitter

    I loved all the clothes it is really good i loved it thanks for the info.

  • carolj4

    My one connection with eco-friendly clothing was a paper dress I bought many years ago. This could be my first “green” dress for both eco-friendliness and fashionability!

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  • fancybride

    Excellent! I love seeing more green fashion. There are a lot of environmentally responsible stores on too if you’re looking for more.

  • Ruthie

    I’ve been all around most of the stores on and I’m looking for the perfect organic dress. I want to know my choice of fashion doesn’t impact the world negatively and I want to make sustainable choices in my everyday life.