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Rock legend Chrissie Hynde, a passionate vegan and animal rights activist, is hooking up with PETA to launch a new campaign against McDonald’s. Using the fast food chain’s popular “i’m lovin’ it” slogan — Hynde’s has created a new parody ad unsurprisingly titled “i’m hatin’ it”.

“McDonald’s means McCruelty as far as I’m concerned,” said Hynde. The rock star is also using her stage as a platform to urge a McDonald’s boycott and will toss “i’m hatin’ it” shirts to her audience. PETA expects the new ad campaign to start hitting billboards around the U.S. shortly.

For more info on Hynde’s planned protest, jump here.

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  • Rebekah

    I’m lovin’ it! I can’t stand McDonald’s, not just because their food sucks, but because of all that they stand for. Go Chrissie!

  • Mary Baker

    If Chryssie Hynde has any respect for HUMAN females, she will turn her back on PETA and find some other animal rights organization to support.

    • Paige

      I’m sure you’ve heard PETA is a terrorist organization. What you DON’T understand is that just saying “please stop” won’t change a thing. Taking serious action is what changes things. You’re saying someone who has killed THOUSANDS of animals deserves to live. I on the other hand think it’s unfair. Just look at the video. Think.