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We’re happy to say that anti-whaling campaigns are a hot topic.

With Whale Wars: Season Two ending last Friday on Animal Planet (and a deluge of comments hitting the ‘razz after the fact), we now have a new full-length documentary coming out to lend ever more depth to those that can’t get enough Sea Shepherd. Titled At The Edge of the World, the film covers the 2006-07 anti-whaling campaign and follows the SS Farley Mowat and SS Robert Hunter (this was before the SS Steve Irwin was commissioned), as they search for Japan’s larger, better equipped Nisshin Maru and other whaling vessels.

The film was created by Dan Stone, who self-funded the effort, and did as little directing as possible. In fact, he wasn’t even on the vessels during the campaigns. “The reason the people on camera are so natural is that there’s no director down there saying ‘Get this, get that,’ ” he told the NY Times. “They’re very suspicious of the media, a lot of these people. And they never thought it would amount to anything. So they were just comfortable being themselves and not playing to the camera. The goal was not to create anything. The mandate for the shooters was just to capture the story as best you can, and we’ll try to tell it in a coherent fashion when you’re done.”

Not surprisingly, Stone helped create Animal Planet’s Whale Wars series — so this early filming must have showed him that such a series could be a success. “If you want to stop this tragedy, you have to make people aware of it,” he said. “And television is great, because it reaches a lot of people. Film is great because, on a big screen, it’s just an amazing shared experience. You can hopefully reach people deeply.

For those in NYC, you can catch a screening of At The Edge of the World this Friday at Village Cinema.

via NY Times

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  • Hart

    The ships mentioned are not registered as S.S. They are the MV Farley Mowat, and the MV Robert Hunter, which was later repainted and renamed the MV Steve Irwin.