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Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and action-star Jet Li are teaming up on a new solar initiative in China. The two recently attended a conference on environmental protection in Guiyang, capital of southwest China’s Guizhou Province, and took the opportunity to announce the “Solar-powered LED Lighting One Thousand Villages Project”. Over five years, the initiative aims to make more than 1,000 villages in China, India, and Africa less dependent on “dirty” sources of electricity by integrating solar technology. The effort is being supported by Li’s One Foundation and the Climate Group.

“Because the power supply of some remote villages still isn’t connected to the country’s electricity network, using this kind of solar-powered LED light technology has become a very good idea as a substitute,” said Li on his blog. “Not only will this kind of technology solve lighting problems in some areas around China, it will also reduce the amount of greenhouse emissions in village areas because solar-powered LED lights is powered by the sun, a clean and unlimited source of energy.”

Check out a video of the new initiative below:

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