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You gotta love all the behind-the-scenes drama that happens in the cartoon world regarding the diets of certain characters. Last month, we had the story of Casey Kasem petitioning for Shaggy from Scooby-Doo to remain VEG. Now comes word that Paul McCartney had some push in keeping Lisa Simpson’s dinner plate meat-free. David Mirkin, executive producer for The Simpsons, told how it all went down.

“It’s actually Paul McCartney who was responsible for another permanent change,” Mirkin said. “When I asked him to do the vegetarian episode, he agreed but made me promise to keep Lisa as a vegetarian – and I was happy to comply with that because I’m a vegetarian too! Every time I see him, he always checks – and he’s always surrounded by nine or ten lawyers, so it’s quite frightening!”

As the VegetarianStar points out, perhaps Lisa’s little sister Maggie will be the next to go VEG — should she ever decide something looks better than the binky.

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  • gina

    As a Simpson’s fan I have to say I love this little behind-the-scenes story. Paul McCartney is awesome!

  • Adri

    Great episode. Transcript of Apu-Lisa exchange below (thanks to IMDB):

    Lisa: When will all those fools learn that you can be perfectly healthy simply eating vegetables, fruits, grains and cheese.
    Apu: Oh, cheese!
    Lisa: You don’t eat cheese, Apu
    Apu: No I don’t eat any food that comes from an animal.
    Lisa: Ohh, then you must think I’m a monster!
    Apu: Yes indeed I do think that. But, I learned long ago Lisa to tolerate others rather than forcing my beliefs on them. You know you can influence people without badgering them always.

  • sissi

    one of my fav episode on the show, the one with george Harisson is hillarious

  • joanna

    this is great. These little thing make big impressions on people. Paul is the best.

  • Thamires

    Paul is the best! [2] Love him and i didn’t know that he is the responsable for this ‘change’ in Lisa. I only watch the cene, but i didn’t see the hole episode. What’s the name of this episode? Can anyone tell me?

  • Jordan Feldick

    I own this episode on the season 7 dvd’s of the simpsons and it was a huge influence in me becoming a vegetarian. The simpsons are still teh best show in primetime!!

  • Bruce Gomes

    Greetings! This is wonderful, but hardly news. As I noted on The Simpsons Archive when Linda McCartney died in 1998, “In an interview, Paul McCartney said that he and Linda would only do the Simpsons episode if the writers promised that Lisa would remain a vegetarian after the episode.” Perhaps the only news is that Paul is keeping after them to keep their promise. A famous scene from that episode;
    Lisa: Uhh, excuse me? Isn’t there anything here that doesn’t have meat
    in it?
    Doris: Possibly the meat loaf.
    Lisa: Well, I believe you’re required to provide a vegetarian alternative.
    Doris: [Picks up a hot dog in a bun, shakes the weiner out, and slaps the bun down on Lisa’s tray.] Yum. It’s rich in bunly goodness.
    Lisa: [Drolly.] Do you remember when you lost your passion for this work?
    All the information about that episode, including all the great dialogue, can be found here;
    Thanks!! Bruce

  • Bruce Gomes

    One other note; The Animals’ Agenda, a magazine for an animals rights group of the same name, used that exact Lisa image (that appears above!) for the cover of their 1996 v16n1 issue to illustrate one positive example for a story that discusses how poorly the media usually portrays animals. Thanks again!

  • Bryan Blade

    *********This is excellent, however now that she has been vegetarian for a few years, it would make sense to have her go Vegan. The whole thing is based on her not wanting to eat the animals & be cruel to them. Animals are tortured to get the dairy & egg products that so many people nationwide consume. Since Lisa is a “compassionate” character, this is only the next logical step.

  • laura

    what is the episode’s name?