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Surprising no one (but likely infuriating a few Japanese officials), Whale Wars has been renewed for a third season on Discovery’s Animal Planet network. This year’s sophomore season successfully built upon solid year one numbers to create what is now Animal Planet’s second-best performing series in network history.

“It’s been terrific to see the success of this groundbreaking series, and its growth creatively and with audiences from the first to the second season. I’m proud to be able to announce the third,” said Marjorie Kaplan, president and general manager of Animal Planet. “Whale Wars has really helped to transform the brand of the network and has anchored our Friday night,” she added.

The season two finale, which aired last week, was the most-watched episode ever — with some 1.3 million households tuning in. These numbers pushed Animal Planet to third among all cable networks in the 9 PM hour among people aged 25-54 (excluding sports).

Sea Shepherd will be launching their next campaign, Operation Waltzing Matilda, at the end of the year with Animal Planet cameras rolling. Expect summer 2010 to once again bring Whale Wars into your living room.

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  • kelly g.

    Anyone know where I might be able to buy a Sea Shepherd flag? I already have a Jolly Roger pirate flag flying off my house, but I’d totally scrap it for Sea Shepherd’s version!

  • Robert Scott

    SO glad to hear another season will be coming up in the future! Wish there wasn’t a need for Paul and the amazing crew but as long as the Japanese kill these majestic creatures, I’m glad the Sea Shepard is out putting up a good fight! Thank you Animal Planet for putting this show on the air, everyone I know LOVES it!!

  • Laura Grote

    I would also LOVE a Sea Shepherd flag…

  • Melody Burgin

    Awsome. I am glad the Sea Sheperds will be back kicking ***. You never know some of my grandchildren might join the team some day, throwing the bottles to the Japanese decks as well.

    • http://facvebook Melody Burgin

      To the people making negative remarks on the Whale Wars does not even need to comment on it. IF you don’t like whales and appreciate What the Whale War team does for the whales maybe you should stay off this topic. Thats what what I suggest to people like you. Some of us do appreciate The Whale Wars Team and pray for them . If I could I wold be on The Sea Shepard or The Steve Irwin right along with the crew. So lets move on. Sincerly, Melody Burgin and Haven Mae.

  • mike

    what happend with investigation…….

  • dontletmwin

    i really think what there doing is great…i got choked up seen whales being murdered by jap harppons..but i have to see the sea sheperd was quite ineffective on season 3 dont u think…i think more creative and new strategys must be tryed…long live the sea sheperds

    • xml3569

      donte, you don’t need to resort to racist name-calling. This is purely a disagreement between Japanese fishermen/whalers and oceanic environmentalists. It made for entertaining TV viewing and while I somewhat sympathize with the S.S., I do see the Japanese point of view. This is similar to environmentalists blocking loggers from their livelihood.

      • SarahMC

        What exactly was ‘racist name calling’ about that comment? The “Jap” part? You do realize that wasn’t racist that was just an abbreviation, right?

    • josh

      i think you need to get a life dontletmwin. the whalers are discusting fuckers. clearly these japanese poeple on these boats killing whales will go t jail one day for breaking the international law on commercail whaling. they are only doing it for profit, and thats the reason they put RESEARCH in english.

  • dontletmwin

    *sorry i ment season 2

  • Joko

    I Cant wait for season 3.And also cant wait to see the Earth Race kickin *** with Sea Sheps kickin ***

  • Melody Burgin

    Yes!! I am very happy to hear that season 3 will be coming in June 2010. I will be watching again with my grandchildren. They love the show as well as myself. It will be nice to see Captain Paul and the crew doing what they do best and I know they will acomplish what they set out to do! See you then. Sincerley, Melody.

  • http://SheWhoDares.Org Rachel Patterson

    I started watching Whale Wars in June this year and I was shocked… gobsmacked…speechless at what I was seeing!

    How dare the Whalers kill all those creatures!

    Why is not a law against these disgusting Japanese whalers!

    • Emily

      Uh, there is a law against whaling (especially in a WHALE SANCTUARY), but a loophole allows for some whales to be killed every year for “research.” The law also says that no part of any whale killed for “scientific purposes” can be allowed to go to waste, so the whale meat ends up in markets.

  • Brandon

    you can go to to get flags and stuff, just visit their store.

  • Chris

    I actuall bought the seasons on itunes. I could watch these hippies over and over again fail at stopping the harvest. That Peter “Power-trip” Hammerhead is a total tool and that 1st mate guy who brags how long he has been on boats but can’t read a map or follow a course is a total knob.

    The episode where they tried to throw the bottles onto the ship from the zodiac and coming up about 100 yards short is well worth the cost. Then when they used radar dishes to point at the whalers like they were LRAD weapons…Funny and pathetic!
    Did you see when they had exausted all there options and the whalers kept on hunting and hauling there catch, The looks on those Vegans faces were priceless!!!

    Come on Season 3!!

    • Georg

      @Chris and Rick McCoy

      Mahatma Gandhi said “You can judge a society by how they treat their weakest members.”

      Your comments are just disgusting and cynical.

      • xml3569

        You mean, like aborting unborn child?

      • Mick

        Whales are part of human society now???

      • Melody Burgin

        I am disgusted at the idea that the Japanese get by with the slaughtering of whales. I am glad that Whale Wars will continue the new season this summer.

    • Dave

      Priceless indeed!! I am expecting more epic failures. But yeah whales are cool, whales with lasers awesome.

    • SCOTT

      Chris, you are a pathetic piece of crap. The japs should harpoon your ass. GO SEA SHEPHERD! ATOMIC STINK BOMB THOSE COWARDS!

    • Jason Settle

      Awsome. I also cant wait to see more epic failures from the sea tards…

    • Z

      I completely agree with you. The reason that Japanese do this is because it is LEGAL. I really had no opinion as to the whales, but every time I see Shale Wars I support the whalers more and more, and hell, I have gotten to the point where I don’t even care if they do it legally. I hope stupid ass Watson runs another one of his boats in front of a Japanese ship and gets it destroyed. I almost wish the Japanese shot Watson, or sent him Anthrax, or what ever bullshit act he sets up next.

      • whiplash

        Another round of ICR propaganda from this ‘Z’ troll.

    • Rodney

      OMG Chris! You noticed how inept they all are too? I have an idea, let’s take the least experienced humans on earth, cram them all on one unprepared ship, send them 1500 miles south, and have them watch as a Japanese harpoon boat kills a whale in front of them and processes it in their face! I have a little advice for the terrorists. GET A FASTER BOAT!

  • Scott

    I watch this show in hopes that the Japanese will eventually sink the Sea Shepherd….GO JAPS.

  • Scott

    Good grief what a bunch of liberal weenies. Whales taste MMM-MMM GOOD.

    • Drew

      Scott you obviously have never had whale meat because I have heard from my japanese friend it taste like a fleshy old boot, plus it’s highly toxic with mercury! The Chilrdren posting anti-Sea shepherd comments and pro Japanese whalers comments are immature and are only trying to get a rise on the internet…or they have no moral compass and like to see the Evils of the world go on, which means we can do without them. I hope you kids change your mind in the future when you mature a bit more and educate yourselves. We are all on this Earth together and The Whales deserve to be here just as much as we do!

  • Rick McCoy

    You have two audiences that watch this program, those who want the Sea Sheppard to succeed and those like me who want the Japanese to stop their boat, board the Sea Sheappard and beat the crap out of the Captain. Great season two guys. :)

  • Hendrik

    Iam looking forward to the third season…

    Hoopfully they will sink the sun of a bitches this time …
    Damn japs …
    The government is not even doing a thing against it,
    u can see now how sick the world is.

  • Jessica

    I agree with you Hendrik I hope they sink them I can’t wait until the third season come on I hope they stope them and hurt them

  • Brent

    Scott, Maybe someone should eat your dog while you watch and then your cat for dessert.

  • Dee Thomas

    I watch this show faithfully and cheer on the Sea Shepherd crew the whole time! God Bless their efforts and I pray that the Japanese fleet and country will wake up and see the effect this whaling has on the planet not to mention that the whales are absolutely majestic and beautiful animals.

  • Jason

    i love the show i downloaded the first 2 seasons and look forward to the 3rd. i watch them steady and support and route for them to stop the killing of the whales….

  • Courtney

    I understand both sides of these comments, but I don’t understand why you would waste the time ‘dissing’ the sea shepherd crew. If you are so into the Sea Shepherd crew failing, why don’t you comment on a website that is meant for that. This is a website telling people about the whalers and what they’re doing, I honestly don’t understand all of you.

    Go Sea Shepherd.

    • Z

      Because it is pointless to tell your viewpoints to someone who shares the same ones.

      • whiplash

        What a multi-thread tirade you spammer

      • Drew

        The reason the Japanese do this is for Profit. It is not legal to Whale and call it research and then package meat and sell it on the market for profit…The Whalers are abusing the law due to the law being vague in the way it’s written. The Japanese Whalers and processors know that they arn’t reasearching anything but out for profit of whale meat. It’s like they have no brain, because lots of whales are on the verge of extinction and yet they don’t think twice about what effect on the Earth they are having, but just have killing on the brain. The law states that if no government agancey is enforcing it than private parties can. It is for that reason alone I am such a fan of Capt. Paul Watson and the Crew, because when no one else will enforce it; they will!

  • Norris

    I stumbled on this show and have been in awe ever since. I am a fan of what they do and what they stand for. They are doing what people do everyday for those who can’t, protecting them. It is amazing how narrow minded some people are when they live in a world that has everything handed to them. How many of you who are bashing on the Sea Shepards would even have the gall to stand up for something you believe in. I can say that I do everyday and have been for the last 13 years since I joined the Marines. As far as Scott and Chris’ comments, when was the last time you served on a naval vessel. If you have never done it then how can you sit their in your climate controled living room with your beer in hand, perpetuating the stereotype of the average american couch potato, and have anything of actual value to add. These people actually make a difference. What have you done with your life.

    “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”
    Martin Luther King Jr. (1929 – 1968)

  • ddpalmer

    “Truth resides in every human heart, and one has to search for it there, and to be guided by truth as one sees it. But no one has a right to coerce others to act according to his own view of truth.”

    Mahatma Gandhi

    • abacus

      @DD: what has that go to do with the fact the Japanese are brutal killers that make rediculous claims about everything at the best of times??

  • No Focus or Plan

    The concept is great, their plans are crap. They accomplish nothing. I imagine most of their success claims are BS and made up. They aren’t stopping anything, proof was last season when whales were killed directly in front of them. Watson is a Rogue wannabe who has no real concern for the welfare of his volunteer amateur crew just to attack ships by throwing rancid butter. Come on??? Risking the lives of crew to throw butter??? That’s absolutely pathetic man! Also, thank god Brown left or the whole crew would have been dead by now, he was king idiot with no clue how to do anything. Watson is just a self made glorified media hound wasting money provided by the many suckers who believe he accomplishes something. Not one episode in two seasons has showed any valid accomplishments for the kind of money invested. The sea shepherd will never succeed because the only winning tactic is one they cannot deploy… destruction! The shepherd will be destroyed if they continue to push the Japanese by ramming them and causing damage and putting their lives in danger like that. You can bet the Japanese will not stand by and let that stuff happen again. The only thing protecting the Shepherd is their flag and it could easily be removed if they continue to get more aggressive, Watson knows that very well. Watson knows he can’t do anything, which ultimately spits in the face of everybody donating money to his cause. Why donate money to something that accomplishes nothing? It’s pathetic and it’s so American.

    • abacus

      no focus, no plan – hey mr, no one cares for your negative waste of time comments.

      Do us a favour, get lost! Great to see another SS basher. Good on you. Tough man – want a medal? Come out from behind your monitor you coward and step up. Too easy to criticise the crap out of someone. Got any better plans or focus? did’nt think so.

    • Enola Gay

      In case you have been having a seizure for the last few months, the Japanese Rammed SS with their security ship. How easily you are taken by the Japanese propaganda.

      • Z

        Maybe it is you who should stop paying attention to the Watson propaganda. He has said that he will lie to get good press, which is what he does every time a boat of his gets hits. That is what he did when he claimed to be shot, when it looked nothing like a bullet. He did it when he had a friend deliver some anthrax, and probably some other plans he has thought up.

      • Bucky Goldstein

        And the japanese poachers don’t lie? Get real!

    • roy

      if you dont like whale wars show or some one is posting bad about whale wars you probaly are a dirty jap and should eat crap you dity bastards to harm a harmless creature you should feel real good about your self i guess we should hav bombed them better and yes in u s a its free speech so if dont like what i put stop reading whale wars kicks ass

  • Sailor

    I was against the Japanese Whaling until I saw SS and their idiotic leader Watson. What a joke. I cannot believe anybody would be dumb enough to send him money, much less follow the bumbler out into the ocean.
    Now I am just waiting for that dolt to kill his own crew by one of MANY MANY foolish seamanship mistakes. He should be arrested for the way he puts human life at risk FOR NO REASON.
    BTW, The Steve Irwin used more than 50,000 gals of fuel for their boat last year. What kind of carbon footprint is that for the Meat Eating WATSON?!?

    • cliff

      agree 100% is this guy even a registered and licensed “captain” i know he has no military experiance or he would have the tatical common sence to know dingy vs 100 ton whaling ship is a bad thing

  • ConfusedWatcher

    I watch whale wars every week. Not for the reasons u would think. I love watching them get upset because they fail at their jobs.
    If they really was smart they would do a better job of researching their prey. Honestly what do these idiots think is going to happen if they taint the meat ? They will kill another!
    Research your prey!!!!!!!!!!

  • animalT
  • SickofWatson

    They are just wasting their time. I think the show may be eye opening that needless whale hunting goes on, but other than that they accomplish nothing. “Let’s throw stinky butter at the whale hunting boats.” Lots of good that does. I wish they were really making a difference but they aren’t.

    Paul Watson is a moron and a Liar.

    South Park’s tribute called “Whale Whores” is right on the money.

    • whiplash

      “With well over 9,000 minke whales killed in 22 years and no useful data produced, Japan’s so-called ‘research’ in the Antarctic is an international embarrassment.”

    • ddpalmer

      With over 200 research papers produced in 22 years the Japanese have published more lethal and non-lethal research on whales than any other country.

      • Michael Raymer

        This is your “whale research”. These are your 200 research papers, right here in this documentary.

      • herwin

        yes, you already did copy and paste a long list of these nonsense reports. you simply use the “overload and impress them” tactic and hoping that no-one takes a better look at these laughable papers. non lethal research inlcudes spotting accidentaly by change some rare whale species from the ship and writing a “research paper” about it.
        instead of copying and pasting tons of garbage research papers which makes it impossible to comment on each one, you should try to give one research paper and explain why its good and meaningful research.

  • Paulieboy

    I have to say it takes some balls to sail to the Antarctic and fight a losing battle. I like to root for the underdog, and SS is just that… Theyre like a dog that wont stop biting until it’s dead… you have to recognize. All the bashers are just lazy asses, they’d rather sit back and watch and make of fun of people with a purpose. I commemorate SS and what they are doing… at least they have the balls to fight!!! And blaming Paul Watson for taking human lives, well, they ALL know what they’re getting into, they are well aware of the risks before boarding the vessel. Hey bashers! You ever get kicked when you’re down? Of course you have. You ever try so hard to fight something, anything, cause you feel it in your heart you’re right?! Of course you have.. but your ignorance blinds you to the truth. Bashers are people who kick a dog when it’s down, they like to entertain the thought that making fun of someone else makes them feel good…. probably stemming from an abusive upbringing.

    • From MN, with hope…

      Sounds like a pretty good write-up! Only thing is that Sea Shepherd isnt losing the battle. They are financially sinking the whalers, and this season was their best. Half of the season, the whalers were running, and no whales were killed!

      • cliff

        lol okay THATS funny

      • From MN, with hope…

        What, that the whalers are scared of Sea Shepherd? Or was it the kind of ‘lol’ that was mocking?

      • cliff

        that the whalers are losing money because that one whaling ship the sea shepherds chased all season was what most would refer to as a decoy

      • From MN, with hope…

        Still don’t understand your positioning on it, but there isn’t another factory ship other than the Nisshin Maru in the world, so chasing the Nisshin Maru wasn’t a waste of time, or a decoy. Now maybe just chasing a harpoon boat would be a decoy, but Sea Shepherd always goes for the big prize.

      • cliff

        to be honest im not sure where i stand either i could shed a tear for the fact that they’re killing whale but at least the meat is not being wasted i just dont see any effect the ss is having on it and to be honest if they were having an effect the japanese fleet would hire a militant private security force and treat the ss like any pirate organization

  • herwin

    indeed thats a pretty good write up !! I guess it must be getting bored to always be “DDPalmer”….:-P

  • slingshot

    This throwing bottles business is stupid. Capt Watson; purchase a used fire truck pumper unit. These things hold thousands of gallons of water and can shot water up 6 to 10 stories. mount it on your ship. Fill the tank with thousands of gallons of “Liquid Ass” (find it on the internet) or your ransid butter. Take your ship close enough and let’em have it. They can put up all the nets they want but their ship will be rendered useless and no possibility of wacking someone in the head with a bottle.

    • Michael Raymer

      I like how you think, but it won’t work. The problem is storage. If they tried what your suggesting, it would make their own vessel unlivable. Storing the butyric acid in glass bottles is the only way to contain the smell until your ready to deploy it. Maybe there is a type of ceramics they could use, but it would probably get pretty expensive.

      I’m not too fond of shattering glass either but, for the moment, it’s the only viable tactic they have.

      • slingshot

        Watson and his guys have said over and over again that they’re willing to give their lives to save whales but they won’t endure ransid butter blowback. I think the idea would work wonders and would shut down the factory ship for sure if you pummled their deck with that stuff.

      • Kimitake Hiraoka

        There seems to be a lot of talk from the Sea Shepherd thugs about a readiness to give their lives for the unprocessed sashimi floating around in the oceans.

        But when the terrorists parked their trimaran under the bow of the Shonan Maru 2 and got a taste of their own medicine, they burst into tears and claimed to be concerned with matters of international law.

        It seems the best thing for everyone involved would be for Japan to send the Maritime Self Defence Force to the Southern Ocean next season and put Watson’s money where his large mouth is.

        After all, blowing the Sea Shepherd fleet out of the water would make for fantastic ratings.

  • slingshot

    Don’t get me wrong, It’s not that I’m a big whale lover, I just like the idea of fucking with the Japanese:)

    • Kimitake Hiraoka

      slightshot my man, I think you’re not alone in that regard in the anti-whaling circles.

      10 points for honesty though.

  • william dawkins

    I’ve lived in Japan for 5 years and love the people most are not just good but great people, what we have here is a misinformation problem. Japanese have a very good propaganda dept and the people have really no idea what’s actually going and being done in their name. It’s the same reason why the Japanese deny the rape of Nanking “Propaganda”. I know a lot of Japanese people that when they found out the truth about both that were horrified that one it happened and that two they had been lied to.

  • http://AOL Realist

    Everybody needs to really think about the socioeconomics at play here, while yes every whale saved is a win it is not going to be the downfall of the “evil empire” simple supply and demand states that reduction in supply without reduction in demand only results in increase in cost (to the consumer) its the same as with fossil fuels, when supply is reduced, price increases at the pump and you know what? you still buy it! Japan is not even the largest marketer of whale meat, they have to deepfreeze almost 20% of their catch every season, I implore everyone to read this article from greenpeace and see that Whale wars is nothing more than a media circus invented by Paul Watson to rake in donations for his own personal gains and feed his hunger for power.

  • Karaoke Silverback

    This show, This crew, This concept makes me want to drop everything and join the Japanese Whalers. The only reason I watch this show is to see the American Pirates sink to the bottom of the sea.

  • SickofWatson

    Admiral Watson…LOL! I almost peed my pants when I saw that!!

    • cliff

      Yeah I was on the floor with that comment “Admiral Watson” this guy could’nt Admiral two terds to swirl the same way down a toilet.

      • Cho cho ma

        Why do you think can’t control the Sea Shepherd fleet? He did a fine job at controlling his ships. Him and his crew saved 528 whales after all.

      • cliff

        because he did nothing but sit in his stateroom and give interviews and talk on the phone. When someone asks him to make a decision he starts to shake and looks like he’s going to cry this guy cannot handle leadership or decision making at all. And when he makes decisions they’re bad and put everyones life in danger.

      • cliff

        As you can see Watson is doing a fine job this year! break helicopter..check,sink multi million dollar useless speedboat..check,let foolish crew member destroy prop and lower unit of 100k dollar inflattable..check,return to port as many times as possible to waste fuel and create pollution..check,destroy ice berges because crew is incapable of checking for fresh water leaks…check. Yes folks i belive sea shephard has picked a winner with Watson, yes indeed

  • LOL

    This show is doing an outstanding job, of making me realize what a bunch of dimwits the Sea Shepherd’s crew are.

    Almost through season three and, I have not seen ONE whale saved. In fact the show has two Emmy nominations, the episode where a whale takes 23 minutes to die, that will be something to be proud of to be sure.

    Season three is shaping up to be a documentary of the ineptitude of command and execution. Every scene is virtually guaranteed to culminate in the crew stepping on their own penises.

    Waiting for the inevitable killing of a Japanese whaler who gets his brains knocked out by a flying bottle.

    Perhaps in the spirit of truth in advertising, the could rename the show. Whale Tards, Whale Clowns, Idiots doing Nothing.

    Opps have to run, whales are dying ya know!

  • SickofWatson

    This show is a total joke.

    Do these guys accomplish anything?

    Watching last night, one guy wants to leave and get back to his family, that boat is running low on oil, and they are being chased by the Japaneses whaling boat.

    What do these bumbling idiots accomplish?

    For every whale carcass they ruin with “stinky butter” the Japanese probably catch another one to make up for the loss.

    And whoever claims they saved 528 whales, please PROVE IT!!!

    Not Paul Watson said so, That guy is is just a media whore!!

    • From MN, with hope…

      That’s what ANIMAL PLANET put in the show. Sea Shepherd had nothing to do with what footage got into the show. Sea Shepherd were on the tails of the whalers for half of the whaling season, in that time ZERO whales were killed by the whaling fleet. Duh you can’t SEE them saving whales, but when whales aren’t getting killed than whales are being saved. Sea Shepherd doesn’t ruin each carcass with the rotten butter, they try to cover the decks in it, then each whale that touches it taints it.

      Sorry for your spoiler. Oh, and Pete boards the Shonan Maru 2 in the night on the jet ski. He just recently returned home to New Zealand. Don’t get all your facts and opinions from Whale Wars. Animal Planet controls Whale Wars, Sea Shepherd goes out with the cameramen on their ships. Whale Wars is one of the most unreliable resources, and it is in fact almost never talked about in the whaling debate.

      And right from the Japanese themselves:

      • cliff

        Really? because last year i do remember watching whales being killed and hauled up on the ship. And oh noes pete’s on the ship ahhh what will they do? Hmmm through him in the meat grinder since he was already a fugitive blatant non boat driving rtard. Yes i’m sure the japanese are shaking in thier boots….they are right? lol

      • From MN, with hope…

        Pete Bethune wasn’t a part of Sea Shepherd that season. Paul’s ship, the big black one with the heli-deck, was the only one down there at the time. It caught them off guard, and they didn’t have the resources to stop them, but now they do. Please speak proper English. After the ‘And oh noes on pete’s on the ship ahhh what will they do?’ I can’t understand a thing. No, I’m not into the fractured language that is known as text-talk.

      • Michael Raymer

        MN, you need to know that cliff is, how do we say, one of the “special” people.

  • LOL

    “We did not ram any whaling ship,” said Captain Watson. “We blocked their loading operations and when they attempted to get by us, the harpoon vessels caused the collisions. The harpoon killer vessels are faster and more maneuverable than the Steve Irwin. To suggest that we rammed them is absurd.

    In season two of Whale Wars, when we see Watson turning the wheel of the “Steve Irwin” hard right, then pressing down on the wheel spokes to push it as hard to the right as possible, while we see out the front window of the bridge the Steve Irwin hitting the Japanese ship.

    Funny how it looks like Watson intentionally rammed the Japanese ship. Maybe some Whale Hugger can explain how the statement does not match the video, extra points awarded if Quantum Mechanics are not part of the explanation.

    • cliff

      Come on whale huggers we’re waiting for your answer. Also looking for crew for the Sea Wolf an anti watson organization, I’m thinking we can ram him all day long and say”What I was turning the other way mate”.

      • Michael Raymer

        What’s the problem here? You want a response from viewers on Ecorazzi as to whether one boat intentionally rammed another in the Antarctic? How the hell should we know? We were here, not in the Antarctic. Why don’t you go ask Watson, himself? On the other hand, have the sheep where you live become so nervous around you that this is what you had to turn to for entertainment? I’m taking the time, this once, to respond to you. But in the future, how about keeping your meaningless, hayseed, no-life questions to yourself.

        As far as whether Watson intentionally rammed a whaling vessel: I hope he did and I hope he continues to do so in the future. We just saw Chuck Swift connect with a whaler on the latest episode, and while the Bob Barker (outnumbered and surrounded) continued with the mission, with a hole in his hull; the whaler pissed himself and backed off like the ponsi hairderesser that he is. How’s it feel to be on the side of cowards? Stings, doesn’t it?

      • cliff

        Really? All those words and thats what you managed to spew out? And yes I am a hayseed so when the whales are wiped out and you’re crying till you die i’ll be laughing and chewing on the rarest juiciest steak i can find.

      • Michael Raymer

        You asked for a reply and I gave you one. And we see who is doing the crying. Go back to your sheep boy. You’re wasting my time.

  • charlie

    well from reading all those comments it makes me worried about the sort of people that walk this earth :/ the fact that some of you watch whale wars to get a kick out of people fighting for what they believe in sickens me. i know everyone is entitled to their own opinions but i find it a bit sad when people seek out people with different opinions to dilerberatly cause conflict :s.

    on a brighter note, captain Paul Watson is most definatly my hero. it fills me with confidence that some people will stand up for what they believe in and will represent many with the same view. hopefully one day i will be to help the sea shepherds in their cause :)

    ps: does anybody know when whale wars airs in the uk?

  • Michael Raymer

    Thanx to Melody for “topping” this thread. I’ve been reading over some of these old comments and having a good laugh. I’m also wondering where these impassioned pro-whalers have gone. I wonder what they have to say now, that Antarctic whaling is extinct and the whalers themselves credited SSCS and Admiral Paul Watson for bringing it about. ddpalmer? cliff? Are you there?