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America’s Best Dance Crew’s Layla Kayleigh is sick of cosmetic companies testing on animals and she wants you to know about it. That’s why the television star has teamed up with PETA for a sexy, new advertisement.  Kayleigh says “It really takes such a small thing to make such big impact, you know, and I feel like the more people get involved, the more it can make a difference.” To learn how you can make a difference visit!

  • Melissa Kay

    I wonder if Peta is going after the right demographic with this. Layla certainly is a beautiful woman, but isn’t sex appeal like this usually catered towards men? I don’t know how many beauty products they are using, cruelty free or not!

    (*steps off of my feminist soap-box*)

  • Christy

    Hear! Hear!

    Could she be wearing any more make-up and in her cosmetic products are cruel campaign?

  • deena

    I don’t know, I don’t mind looking at good bodies, male or female! And I’m so straight. Makes me want to work out more.
    Surely the make-up she’s wearing is cruelty free. I always make sure to look for ‘not tested on animals’.

  • VeggieTart

    *steps on Melissa’s soapbox*

    Hello, PETA, if you are gearing an ad toward women, who buy most cosmetics and stuff, it’s not a good idea to have sexy women posing in their underwear. And excuse me for sounding like a fashion critic, but having a woman whose bazooms are smashed together also doesn’t do a thing for me

  • erin raw foods

    I have to agree with Miss Tart about the smushed boobs, otherwise when do I see pics of women posing seductively? EVERY TIME I OPEN A WOMEN’S magazine.. Hello! Women have been posing sexy in women’s mags (for women) for years. Even in the Victoria’s Secret catologues (which I boycotted because they cut down Canadian forests to make them- though I hear they’re stopping after the PETA campaign)


  • Amy

    Deena, just because a product says it isn’t tested on animals doesn’t mean it is cruelty-free. The label says nothing of the individual ingredients and what testing they may or may not have had animal testing before they were mixed into the product you are buying. Learn about ingredients and read that part of the label. Look for products that have the fewest synthetic chemical ingredients.

    Although I agree with PETA on some points, it bothers me that they are willing to exploit the sexuality of women in an attempt to end the exploitation of animals.