by Luke Warner
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DJ AM, aka Adam Goldstein, was an internationally acclaimed DJ and producer as well as a strong advocate for the environment. He sat on the Board of Directors at the Environmental Media Association and was often on hand to provide entertainment at their star-studded events.

Goldstein was found dead in his apartment on Friday. He was 36. So far, autopsy results have been inconclusive.

Most recently he was in the news for surviving a plane crash with Blink 182 front man Travis Barker in which 2 other passengers died. Goldstein said of the crash: “I’m alive, and I’m here, and I have another chance. So I have to do something better with my life this time.”

Goldstein was in the middle of filming an MTV series called “Gone Too Far” in which he worked with young adults struggling with substance abuse and other addictions.

My thoughts go out to his family and friends.

  • deena

    Crap. I didn’t know he was a green good guy. We lost another much needed spokesperson. These darned prescription pills killing so many. And pot is illegal.

  • Solid Wood Furniture

    I am sending my condolences to his family and friends at this unfortunate time, he has inspired so many of our youth with his brilliance. We should reflect on the great things he has done and warn our kids yet again of the dangers that drugs can do. I’m so sad bout what happens to him….let’s all stay away form drugs…