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jamies-america-largeBritish chef Jamie Oliver has been committed to better food for kids and has supported eating local and now he’s reducing his carbon footprint. At least in the best way an international travel and cooking show can – by donating to environmental schemes in Asia to “offset” the CO2 emissions.

According to Broadcast, Jamie Oliver Limited collaborated with ClimateCare, to select projects that included solar power installations in India, using wind power in China and providing energy-efficient stoves in Cambodia. The article also notes that it “is believed to be the world’s first carbon-neutral TV travel series.”

“My company is serious about helping to prevent the dangers of climate change and we recognise that, with everything we do, but especially with TV programmes like this one, we create a carbon footprint,” said Mr Oliver, who has also worked with the Green Party and environmental experts Best Foot Forward.

My jury’s still out on offsets and subsequent carbon-neutral claims. It’s great that these issues are getting attention but I know there’s a lot that can be done to cut down on the initial waste created rather than playing catch up ex post facto.

Jamie’s American Road Trip is debuting on Britain’s Channel 4 tonight.

  • Jules

    If Jamie Oliver really cared about the environment, he would not be advocating animal consumption through his shows/recipes. Free-range, organic (which he was advocating on a tv program a few months ago) are just as responsible for 20-30% of the greenhouse gas emissions as intensive farms. More than 18% come from livestock production alone. Going without meat and dairy for just one day a week is more beneficial to the environment than eating locally every single day (Carneggie Mellon University 2008).

  • Stephanie

    I agree Julie. Go vegan!

  • Luke Warner

    well said, Jules.

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