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Earlier this summer we told you that Naomi Campbell had signed on to promote a fur campaign for designer Dennis Basso. Well, the HIDEOUS pictures have surfaced online and we’re pretty darn queazy about the whole thing. You need not know a lot to understand that fur is the worst of the worst of the worst. It’s like the veal of the fashion world! For this stunt Naomi Campbell gets a lifetime thumbs down from the Ecorazzi crew. Yuck!

  • Chloé Jo Berman

    She’s a disgusting pig. She doesn’t give a crap about people (as displayed by her treatment of her “help”) or animals. Someone should skin her and make her into a coat.

  • alex

    It’s the “perfect” picture. A violent person promoting a violent product.

  • VeggieTart

    Is anyone really surprised? She’s got a nasty reputuation as it is.

    Wonderwall, where I saw this, said that a lot can change in 15 years–like your principles. In Ms. Campbell’s case, I’d say it’s lack thereof.

  • erin raw foods

    Honestly I never saw what all the fuss was about. If you walk around New York and see the beautiful dark exotic women most are FAR more prettier than this ugly mean dirty stupid excuse for a human being.

    Worse yet she and her hypocrite model friends did the PETA anti fur ads and then they all? went and did fur campaigns (Cindy Crawfish and HATE Moss and a few others did too)

    Fortunately there are a few women out there who modeled who never wore fur (ok I gotta take a little cred here- because I never did ;) Just did a shoot (a rarity these days but I still do on occasion) and wore ALL animal cruelty free clothes – no leather (some cute pleather pumps though)

    Remember not all models are like this hag…. She throws cell phones and tantrums way too often. She said she loves to eat big steaks in an interview I saw recently. Gee Naomi- don’t accidentally choke on one…


  • Rainbow Warrior

    shame on you naomi! drug addiction is a bad thing or are these the first signs of alzheimer???

  • ratking

    basso means low – so these two are real low riders!

  • Sarah

    Why is this a news story? Naomi has been wearing and promoting furs for years since her PETA ad.

    Perhaps fifteen years ago, Naomi saw through the PETA ads for what they are. They don’t get across an anti fur message at all. They just stereotypes women as sex objects for men to oggle and lust over.

    Z list celebrities trip over themselves to get in the ads, not because they have any interest in the anti fur message, but as a means to get themselves plastered over bill boards for everyone to see. Everbody’s exploiting everybody else!

  • Gina

    She walked by me with her assistants in the Wall Street area, I have never seen such cruel squinty eyes, she looked right at me and I looked away, she has the stare of that creature from Alien movie void, greyish glassy stare.

  • Gina

    When I saw this yesterday, I started to get really upset because she went back on her pledge not to wear fur, but as folks above had pointed out her character is questionable anyway. Someone who treats people as badly as she reportedly does probably can’t be bothered to worry about any other living beings. Also, the coats are hideous! What’s on her head???

  • don miguelo

    Fur coats and bathing suits, what climate is she dressing for, exactly?!

    Remember that scene in Ace Ventura, Pet Detective 2 where he knocks out the Monopoly guy and drapes him over his shoulders like a fur coat and strolls around the room, looking “beautiful”? Everytime I see people wearing fur I think of that.

  • Whoever…

    UGLY ‘woman’ and ugly ‘clothes’…

    Come on, what kind of ‘woman’ or ‘man’ wears such corny outfits anyway?

    With such great fashion and new and exciting fabrics nowadays, and these neanderthals ‘go back’ hundreds of years and wear something that should have become extinct decades ago – fur clothes!

    I’m going to be very blunt and sexist now (and for that I DO apologise to all the ‘real’ women out there) – ‘women’ who wear fur are not even good enough to be f*****…

    I told you I was not going to be nice.

    Anyway, naomi is one ugly ‘broad’ and no fur coat is ever going to change that!

  • Remy C.

    It’s called desperate for a pay check!

  • Journi

    She did a Peta ad once right? What a contradiction!

  • conscious thinker

    Abhorrent and disgusting. She ought to be publicly humiliated. Shame on you, Naomi Campbell, you loser.

  • Erica

    Fur is tacky. For me, fur coats always conjure up images of an incredibly ugly rich woman taking long drags off of a cigarette. Animals serve better purposes. Skinning them and then tossing the rest of their carcasses is wasteful.
    And she did adds for PeTA? Wow, they really do only care about the sex appeal.