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cs-photo-rsj-01“There’s been a big stink in the news lately. The animal activist group PETA posted a billboard in Florida with a photo of an obese woman in a bikini with the tag line, “Save the Whales, Lose the Blubber: Go Vegetarian.” A lot of overweight people were offended. I’m a fat person, and I thought it was funny. If I had my choice, I’d rather see PETA’s scantily clad model campaign, but I don’t mind a good chuckle at the expense of a fellow fat person.

I wasn’t offended, though I was intrigued by the premise. Could I lose the blubber by going veggie? It sounded like a challenge to me, so I’m going to take the challenge.”

- Chef Robert St. John discussing his decision to go VEG for 30 days in a column for the Laurel Leader-Call. The billboard in question certainly created a mountain of controversy, but at the end of the day was it effective? Looks like it might have been. What do you think? Chime in and share your thoughts!

  • Eva

    That’s fantastic! I’m so glad to finally read something good about that billboard.

  • Michelle

    I’ve been vegetarian for 20 years. I remember when I announced my change in my diet my aunt (who was a nurse) said “Vegetarians are all skinny and pale”. Since I was struggling with weight issues already I said “bring it on”!
    Sadly though becoming vegetarian has not helped me to lose weight. As much as I support much of what PETA does I felt that that billboard was in poor taste but also just not valid. In my case an underactive thyroid makes losing weight a challenge. I only wish that removing animal products from one’s diet was enough to prevent weight issues!

  • Al

    The billboard was ineffective. St. John is going vegetarian, he says. But the meat that he doesn’t eat will likely be replaced with more cheesy and eggy dishes. Is that an effective way to lose weight? How is this a win for the animals? How is supporting the dairy industry a win for the environment?

    This is why PETA’s message should be Go Vegan instead of Go Veg. What the hell does “going veggie” even mean?

    And he’s only “going veg” for thirty days. Who cares? How is this anything resembling substantial positive change?

  • Stephanie

    I hope after he realizes how easy going vegetarian is that he will stay veg for longer than a month. Maybe he will even consider veganism! :)

  • KD

    Before anyone gets all excited about this, they should read the whole article. This chef talks about how he’s going to eat for a month.

    Read it here:

  • Mangerati

    I think it’s very hard to go vegetarian once you’re used to being omnivore. You will need your daily portion of meat.

  • Al

    Mangerati, you must have a different definition of “need” than I do. Mine comes from the dictionary. Where did you get yours?

  • VeggieTart

    Would he have felt the same way if it was a fat man on the billboard?

  • erin raw foods

    In the blog posted by KD they keep saying “loose weight” over and over. Last time I checked it was lose weight. Sorry that’s for another convo where I complain about where journalism is going after the invention of the internet…….

    This billboard was within miles of my home here in NE Florida. I think VT has a GREAT point.. What if it were a fat man? Interesting they picked a woman. I say put BOTH up there………

    This chef is a joke. If he wants to “loose weight” (and perhaps not lose more of his hair he has left) i suggest he try eating actually healthy real whole foods.

    This is what I LOVE about the raw diet. It’s vegan (nice) and you eat REAL HEALTHY food with no dairy or meat or processed vegan junk food… I love it


  • erin raw foods

    oops didn’t know the blog actually belonged to KD thought s/he just posted a link ;)

    Loose Lose ;) It’s all good.


  • Charlie

    Maybe ecorazzi should have included the rest of the article. This guy sees this as a free ticket to consume large amounts of dairy in place of the lack of meat. How is that good for animals, the environment, or one’s health?
    Ecorazzi focusses too much on “gossip,” “celebrity,” and transient “media bites,” and misses the real issues concerning animal rights and true “green” living.

  • KD

    Ah, whoops. Thanks Erin! We fixed our grammatically incorrect language. We never claimed to be perfect, just compassionate :)

  • erin raw foods

    No worries KD :) I appreciate the sentiment.. I also realize it’s different writing a blog than writing for a paper where there are tons of proofreaders and all that. Hence the reasons I make mistakes all the time writing online ;)

    I agree with what you wrote too… Again why I love raw foods- you can eat vegan without the soy ;) (Ice cream, cheeses etc many are coconut/nut based. The great thing about raw (vs some vegan cooked – which I admittedly do eat sometimes ;) is that it’s minimally processed.

    Peace ya’ll!


  • Michael d’Estries

    @Charlie, re: your comment: “Ecorazzi focusses too much on “gossip,” “celebrity,” and transient “media bites,” and misses the real issues concerning animal rights and true “green” living.”

    Thank you for confirming our mission statement. Should you need further enlightenment, please use Google.

  • charlie

    Dear Mr. d’Estries,
    Thank you for confirming your mission statement, “misses the real issues concerning animal rights and true “green living.”
    Should you need further enlightenment, actually try reading what you copy and paste.

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