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Michael Jackson’s tigers might be in some serious trouble!

Shambala Preserve – which houses 2 of Michael Jackson’s tigers — is ignoring mandatory evacuation orders as the wildfires in California contain to blaze on.

Actress Tippi Hedren, founder and president of Shambala Preserve in Acton, Calif., said that evacuating her 100 wild animals wouldn’t be prudent since they aren’t in imminent danger.

“We have a very, very good plan with the fire department,” Hedren said to FOX News. “We will stay where we are, let the fire department do their job and we will do ours.”

Other animal sanctuaries in the area have already been evacuated, including Animal Acres.

On a side note: VCA Animal Hospital facilities located near the fire are offering free boarding for companion animals whose families have been evacuated or displaced as a result of the current firestorms.  To get a list of all the VCA Animal Hospitals in your area visit

More on the status of the Shambala Preserve as we learn it.

  • erin raw foods

    Wow I’ve been there (Tippi’s son was kind enough to take a few of us there when I lived in L.A.) I didn’t realize there were fires there as well.. I see now there are four major fires. Didn’t know that. I just thought the Palos Verdes area was affected. Very sad indeed :(


  • don miguelo

    Careful with the VCA hospitals as I’ve heard from several vet techs they tend to overcharge and do unnecessary expensive procedures. Also before I heard them my cat went there and just by price shopping I found the same procedures much cheaper with better quality care down the street.

    THAT ASIDE–kudos to them for offering up space in this dangerous situation

  • erin

    VCA ripped me off for thousands when I lived in LA.


    I have written reviews on google warning people about them.

    I recommend to go elsewhere.