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Looks like my favorite city in America is serving up vegan food with a twist.

Portland, Oregon — which boasts the highest number of strip clubs per capita in the U.S. — is combining their love of nakedness with their love of planet-happy, people-happy, plant-based food.

Casa Diablo founder (and vegan of 24-years) Johnny Diablo wanted more people to try vegan food, but had a problem opening minds. That is until he came up with a brilliant idea that sent business booming. Diablo explains:

“These folks weren’t interested in my [vegan] food. So I said you know what? I’m just gonna throw some boobs up…now they’re coming and they’re going wow, this is excellent food!”

While not all the dancers at Casa Diablo are vegan, everything that comes out of the kitchen most certainly is, and the customers can’t get enough.

Check out the video below for proof!

[Update: Although many believe that Casa Diablo is closed, their Myspace page suggests that as of last week they are still open. We tried calling this morning, but did not reach anyone. Check out for more info.]


  • erin raw foods

    He and I have been “internet friends” online for a few yrs now. I was thinking I heard about the story here… but now I realize it was on Happy Cow.. Great place. My friend went and checked it out… Loved it.

    Still haven’t been ;)


  • msmelis

    Another depressing example of sexual objectification of women “for a good cause”.

    “Throw some boobs up!” That’s not demeaning, because it’s for the animals!

    This is why, as a vegetarian, I don’t support PETA – same insulting tactics.

  • Michael Parrish DuDell

    msmelis- I don’t think this is sexual objectification at all. These women are not being forced to work there. They choose to.

    I think this is a fantastic way to bring vegan food to a group of people who might not otherwise experience it. These guys are going to go to strip clubs anyway. Why not provide them with some tasty nosh that’s good for the planet and the animals?

    I say, “Game on!”

  • Inga Ambrosia

    Hmm.. I guess if you are going to go anyway, might as well eat vegan.

    My problem with this is, the food came first, then came the “boobs”. So he is using the women to sell food. Now, if an already established strip club, switched their kitchen to vegan that would be different. The women are bait … not cool!

    Question, will the men still eat vegan when they go home, or will they only come back to the strip club to get the vegan burger. Do their wives know about this?

    Humans are animals too and just as important so, now that you got ‘em hooked, turn it into a reputable place!

  • hil

    One of the many interesting things about the Pacific Northwest is that strip clubs are not these back ally places preying on scared desperate women. Instead the vibe of the strip clubs are more about choice. These women are choosing to strip for various reasons, and many of them enjoy doing it. By removing the taboo, it has actually made it safer for women to express themselves this way. Not all forms of nudity is objectification.

  • Daniel

    We can go back and forth forever about whether this is exploitation or not. If a woman works there truly by choice, IMHO it’s empowerment. And yes, plenty of people will disagree with me….like I said, we could argue it endlessly, but it won’t change the fact that it exists. (And it’s interesting that some of the most enlightened cities I know, like Portland and much of Europe, have more strip clubs than cities with far less culture.)

    So since it’s happening anyway, I’m all in favor of using it to promote something good for a change. msmelis, I agree there’s plenty of exploitation out there, and neither you nor I are obliged to support it. But it’s not going to go away. Women are more enlightened and empowered now than at any time in history, and sexism still exists. So in the spirit of lighting a candle rather than cursing the darkness, I say “good on ya,” “you go, girl,” and “make mine with guacamole.”

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  • Elaine Vigneault

    I thought this place closed down. It was all over the news a year or so ago.

  • jerry

    This place closed a year ago just an fYI .

  • Michael Parrish DuDell

    No way!!!! Bummer!

  • karmalily

    Diablo was quoted as saying “We put the meat on the pole, not on the plate.” It’s hard to support someone who sees women as “meat.”

  • Mandi

    I thought this place closed down?

  • jamie lynn

    AWFUL. i would never support this. i hope they went out of business. poor taste.

  • ryan

    If i recall, he tried selling the building/location for $1mil about a year ago, but apparently no one wanted to buy it (it’s almost in the middle of nowhere, go figure). It’s still been open the whole time since that news came out, and is definitely still open today.

    I just went there fairly recently for a (female) friend’s birthday celebration and had a great time.. all staff (bar and stage) were super nice and they’ve still got the best vegan burger I’ve ever had.

  • erin

    Aww I didn’t know it shut down either. Elaine, I do remember when it was all over the news too over a year ago.

    Well Michael you just have to start one like this on your own now!

    Oh and not sure if this video explains but the girls all wore vegan shoes and outfits too.

    Many supported their kids etc. Hey it’s a hard economy we’re living in. If it’s a positive vibe and they’re there by choice (which they were) then what’s the problem?

    They have plenty of bars with stripping men too.. Are they being exploited as well!?

    (I even want to say he had a side where men stripped too? Could be wrong…)


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  • Waylon Lewis

    Thanks for the link and shout-out, I’m a longtime fan and link and shoutout your way many times. Keep up the great ecorazziific work.

  • Michael Parrish DuDell

    Waylon- We think you guys are great! Some major blog love going out to ya!

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  • chloe

    You girls really should get over the fact that these women are bait. No need to feel sorry for them or pity them, it is their choice and the way they make their living. We didn’t say you had to do it. And it’s just a fact that women sell more because they are more appealing than men. It’s sad that the CUSTOMERS have been so narrow minded but hey! they tried it now and it’s not so bad is it? ;) Leave it to Portland to have a vegan strip club. Rock on!