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Madonna is on Mother Earth’s naughty list.

The material girl recently placed an order for 110 pounds of kosher beef for the last two performances of her “Sticky and Sweet” tour in Tel Aviv. WHOA!

While some believe that Kosher beef is less cruel, the truth is far more grim. And environmentally? Well you can bet Mother Earth is crying her damn eyeballs out.  Let’s do a little math, shall we?

According to the Water Education Foundation – a non-profit organization that prides itself on being “the only impartial organization to develop and implement educational programs leading to a broader understanding of water issues and to resolution of water problems” – it takes 2,464 gallons of water to produce one pound of beef.

That means Madonna’s one order is using 271,040 gallons of water!!!!

Now consider this: federal regulations mandate that new shower heads must exceed no more than 2.5 gallons of water per minute.

A little number crunch on the old calculator will show that you could take 10,840 showers with the same amount of water used to produce 110 pounds of beef. Assuming you take one shower a day, this means you could shower for more than 29 years with the amount of aqua Mo wasted on her beefed-up order.

For this stunt Ecorazzi gives Madonna 2 HUGE green thumbs down. Save some water for the rest of us, why don’t you?

  • erin

    Madonna is the perfect example of aging badly eating meat. have you seen all the surgeries she’s had?

    Carol Alt (just 2 years younger) posed nude for Playboy to show off her Raw Vegan diet body and looks 10x better (and younger)

    Madonna is an old bitter haggard meat eater. And it shows


  • hil

    I’m just trying to figure out what she would need a 110 pounds of beef for? Was she having a cook out in the parking lot for her fans or something? That just sounds like a LOT of meat!

  • Melissa Kay

    That is incredible! I had NO idea that it took that much water to raise beef. Makes me glad I’m a vegetarian :)

    I am sort of bad about using leather products though :( Just came across an article on which has some nice replacement products for leather, so hopefully that will help me kick the habit!

  • s

    i know! leather is hard to kick. one time i bought some shoes that weren’t leather only to find out that they were…suade! aack!
    sorry. that was totally unrelated to the post. meat sucks. go vegetarian! yay!

  • Whoever…

    And she’s all into the Kabbalah thing and trying to be a more spiritual person…

    Yeah, right!


  • Susan Long

    This type of excessive living drives me up the wall. How selfish of her to think of herself. Water is our most important resource. Can’t live without water – all we do is continue to pollute our waters and over use this precious resource.
    Vegans rock !

    • Jeremy Blank

      Vegans rock? Might as well say: ELITISTS ROCK! I think you need to rephrase what you said. Our planet is made up of mostly water, so we’re cool on that part. I think what you meant is that we need to save water that is purified (for drinking purposes.)
      If you are vegan or vegetarian, there is NO need to broadcast it to the whole world. Just live your life, and meat-eaters will do the same. TOLERANCE BITCH!

  • Julie

    If Madonna is all ‘into the kabbalah’, she’s got some jewish beliefs, right? In that case, she probably ordered the kosher beef bc she HAS TO KEEP KOSHER. It’s not about being picky, it’s her faith.

  • http://Non StevenCr1

    Actually Carol Alt is not a vegan, she is a “raw meat eater” -“Let me tell you…I’m not a vegan, so I do eat all kinds of fish, meats (tartare, or carpaccio), unpasteurized raw milk cheeses, sprouted breads”

    too bad, anyway she looks awesome !

  • Ronald S

    The issue is how much water it takes to produce a pound of beef and if this is a good use of water.

    The issue is not that Madonna ordered a lot of beef. Maybe she distributes it to needy. I do not know, but I suspect neither do the previous commentators.

    A reasonable complaint against excessive water usage is not the same as personal atacks on Madonna.

  • deena

    I wonder if she was given this information spelled out like this if she would have made another choice.

  • VeggieTart

    I wonder who’s eating all that beef she’s ordering. I hope she’s feeding a helluva lot of people on 55 pounds of meat a day. It’s no wonder I call bullshit on those who make a big deal of their spirituality.

    • Jeremy Blank

      She tours A LOT, so she takes care of her crew. Not everyone is a vegan nor a vegetarian. *Sigh* Common sense people!

  • Erik van Erne, Milieunet Foundation

    Yep, because she is: